Posted by: kerryannekay | August 11, 2016

Why no blog?

Hello! So he might be asking why there’s no real blog today. The answer is simple. I managed to injure my right arm. I’ve got a small shave fracture of the right radial head. It’s more painful than anything else. However, I can’t type. I’m currently laying in bed dictating this. I hate dictating. 

So, until I heal a bit and can type again you may have to deal with blogs that are nothing but pictures. But I’m sure the boys won’t mind modeling for you. Fred has informed me that he’s very interested in showing off his booty. And Lamont told me to just go away. I’m hoping to get a couple prime shots of his mustache. But don’t tell him that! 

I will see you on the flipside. Have a good week. And as always thank you for your understanding. – KA


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