Posted by: kerryannekay | June 24, 2016

SPF 50

They boys say hello.  They are doing just fine.  I am not.  I have horrible sunburn…

I’ve been training with my school district and a local group on how to analyze the state of the local waterways.  The goal is to take what we have learned and incorporate it to our classrooms.  It’s been a pretty fun week. Today we had to  write a research question about water quality, gather equipment, do research, and report results.

My group decided that we needed to be on a boat all day long.  I sprayed on a thick coat of sunblock, put on my hat, put on my water shoes, got my research supplies, and head out with my group.  I buy SPF 50 or higher.  I’m prone to burning.  Normally, I reapply several times a day but we were going on a small skiff.  We all had to pack light.  I had to leave most of my gear on the dock.  Besides, it was clouded over.  I figured I would be fine.  Right?

Wrong.  I turned into a boiled lobster.  Oh, it hurt.  I went out after dinner to get some gel to sooth my skin.  I drove to the local pharmacy.  As I was looking for the gel, a lady walked by and said, “I hurt looking at you…”

I sadly responded, “I used SPF 50…”

That’s when the lady gave me the southern ‘you can say that but you are wrong’ “Uh-huh…”.  I just gave her my best lobster smile and continued on to find the Aloe Vera gel to sooth my skin.

I selected the ‘premium level’ gel thinking it would give me the most relief.  I walked to the counter and put the container of stuff down for the clerk to scan.  He looked at me and asked, “Kinda after the fact, hun?”

I sighed and told him, “I used SPF 50.”

I got the “Uh-huh…” response again. Then he added, “Using this stuff is like taking a pregnancy test after you’re showing… its a bit too late…”  He  laughed to himself after taking my money.

“I USED SPF 50…” I growled.  “It was water proof and long acting…  I burn easily…”

“Sure, you did,” he said plopping the gel into a bag then handing it to me.

“Thanks,” I replied and grabbed the bag.  On the way out I passed the lady that made the original comment.

She had to get in one last jab, “Hun, you past the sunscreen…”

I had it, ” I used sunblock!” I said to her and stomped out of the store.  My skin was boiling and so was my anger.  I got into my car, started it, and cranked the air conditioning.   As I sat there, I applied the soothing gel.  I felt the heat start to leave my skin.

I must have sat in the parking lot of the pharmacy for a good 10 minutes applying gel and drying it using the freezing air coming out of the car’s vents.  People came and went as I sat.  I got looks from several people.  One guy paused a bit too long to stare at me.  I didn’t let his look phase me.  I rolled down my window and said, “I used sunblock.”  Before he could say anything I rolled up my window and went back to my gel application.  Life was good.  I had my aloe vera gel…

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