Posted by: kerryannekay | June 18, 2016

Blog Blues

I have had the hardest time writing this blog for this week.  I have started and not finished several versions about my fish “Scout” that is on vacation at the local artist workshop.  However, they did not seem right.  I started a funny blog about the dog and his mom that live above me.  His name is “Benjie”. Then my writing got dark and I decided to delete it.  I gave up and started to do laundry…

I had been doing laundry about two hours ago in the laundry room and feeling quiet down about not being able to write the blog.  As I was walking back, a mom and her daughter I know were walking their dog “Rocco”.  They walked up to me and we started talking.  As the conversation went on, Rocco decided that I needed to pet him.  So, he started rubbing up against me, sitting on my feet, and bashing me with his tail.  I took the hint and bent down to pet him.

I was covered in dog kisses and the slim that accompanies them.  The mom yelled at Rocco to “calm down and get down!”.  I sat down and said it was ok.  Rocco sat in my lap and I hugged him.  I had to burry my face in his fur as I started to cry.  The mom and daughter thought that Rocco had hurt me.  I said, “No, he’s helping me…  I didn’t realize how stressed out I had been until I hugged him and released it all…”

The mom and daughter joined me and sat down.  I released Rocco and he started happily bouncing from lap to lap overjoyed by the attention.  Then the mom said something that hit home, “Rocco is a rescue.  But there are many days that he rescues us.”  I couldn’t speak.  She was so right.
We sat for a couple more minutes before I got up.  The daughter asked me if I was ok.  I explained, “Yes.  I’m better now.  But, I’ve got to go.  I’ve got two guinea pigs that I’ve got to snuggle.”  I rushed back to my apartment.  As I was opening the door, I heard Fred and Lamont in a bit of an argument.  I paused to appreciate their voices.

As I walked in, both boys started wheeking for dinner, again.  “Hey, dudes,” I cooed at their cage.  “You want a treat?” I asked.  ‘Of course!’ their urgent squeaking and dancing declared.  They both were given large pieces of romaine lettuce.

After the boys ate their fill, I picked up both and cuddled with both of them for about a half an hour.  Both were amazingly quiet and cooperative during the entire snuggle session.  I think that they knew I needed them.  The boys calmed me and help give me a sense of peace.  Fred and Lamont are rescues.  But, they have rescued me more times than I can count.



  1. Hey, I hope you’re okay! I really really enjoy reading your blog (even though I don’t always comment, since I can read the post directly in my email inbox!). You are so right about how much comfort and companionship these little peegs give us. :o) I hope you’re well and just know that we all appreciate you! :o)

    • I’m good. It’s the end of the year school Blues. I just forgot to let go of my stress. I appreciate your comment. Comments inspire me to write more. Thank you. – KA

  2. Hi Kerry I also hope your ok, I too like reading about your adventures with Fred and Lamont, I only just stumbled apon your blog a few weeks ago, well now I have my own Guinea Pigs Lottie and Lavina, and they have been quite the handful, and the beans so many beans. They really are a comfort though and I love their little noises, I look forward to your next post kind regards Kate

    • Katie, thank you! Take good care of your charges. They are so worth it. Please feel free to find my page of Facebook and send me messages if you have any questions regarding your girls. I hope my writing brings you comfort and joy. As far as my head, I’m ok. I’ve been stressed. So a good cry was good for me. Sometimes we need to let our emotions out to understand them. Thank you so much for your thoughts and comment. – KA

  3. Glad you have those boys to take care of you. Guinea pigs are such good and loving friends to have. God bless you and Fred and Lamont!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I love my boys. – KA

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