Posted by: kerryannekay | June 9, 2016

Wake Up Call

It’s the last week of school for me this year!  I’m so excited to…sleep in!  The only problem is the boys…

It starts at six am…every morning.  That’s when the boys wake up and start to move around the cage.  By 6:05 am, they have done their morning business and start making noise.  After several minutes of noise, they are loud enough to wake me up.  I will usually roll over and cover my head with my blanket.  The noise only makes the boys more determined to wake me up.  By 6:15 am they are so loud that I can’t sleep any more.

Defeated, I get up out of bed and use the restroom.  My delay is taken as an insult and the boys respond in kind with more noise.  I am usually yelling from the restroom, “I get it!  You’re hungry!  I’ve got to pee too!”  After my morning business is done, I get the boys more hay and take their bottles and food bowl to refill.

The zoomies start when I’m cutting up veggies.  The boys act like it’s the first time I’ve feed them in days most mornings.  The process of tearing up a cage is a loud one.  I’m always telling them, “Calm down, you’ll wake the neighbors!” But the noise and chaos continues until breakfast is served.

By 6:25 am the boys have been served their breakfast, the water has been refilled, and they hay has been replaced.  All is right in the world of the guinea pigs.  Back to bed, right?  Nope.  Now I’m hungry.  I make myself breakfast and sit on the floor next to the boys cage, eat, and talk with the boys.

Thinking about the situation now, I probably shouldn’t complain.  Guinea pigs are much happier and healthier on a routine.  I just wish that they would start their routine at 8:00 am on the weekends and during the summer…  But I must say, it is nice to eat breakfast with Fred and Lamont when I’m not in school.  They really don’t talk much during the meal.  But they are really good listeners.  For that, I’m grateful.



  1. I’m eating my breakfast while reading this story….good way to star the morning 🙂

  2. Guinea pigs ARE good listeners…and I love listening (that is reading) about your adventures with Fred & Lamont! Enjoy your Summer away from the kiddos.

    • Thank you! I appreciate this. My only goal is to bring some joy and humor into people’s lives. – KA

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