Posted by: kerryannekay | April 21, 2016


Yes, it’s that time of the year…grass cutting season.  Most guinea pigs love fresh cut grass; my boys are no exception.  Fred and Lamont have the best sense of smell when it comes to grass.  They can smell fresh cut grass before I even know they are cutting the lawn.

The ‘grass alert’ always starts with the boys raising their head and rapidly sniffing the air. That is quickly followed by a visible dilation of both their pupils.  Fred and Lamont will turn towards the source of the scent…the air conditioner.  Like any good coinsures, they savor the scent and sit sniffing the air with a glazed over look.

The ‘grass high-alert’ begins when one of the boys snap out of the smell trance because their stomach has told them to eat now…  Usually Lamont starts whining first.  Fred will be snapped out of his trance because of Lamont’s noise.  Then he joins in the whining alarm.

When the boys start racing around their cage, they have gone into ‘grass critical-alert’ mode.  This is usually when I can hear the lawnmowers outside and realize that they have smelled grass.  At that point, in time I have two options.  The first is to go outside, cut some grass, and feed the boys.  This option will result in two very happy and sleepy boys.  The second is to ignore the boys.  This option may result in two guinea pigs with highly combustible temperaments.   I enjoy my fingers without bite marks…  I always choose to feed the boys.

After they are fed, the boys always take a nice long nap.  It’s my reward for being such a nice mom.  Do you guinea pigs enjoy eating some grass as a treat?  I’m almost sure that they do.  However, I must warn you.  Grass can cause gas and bloat.  Gas and bloat can be deadly for guinea pigs.  If you do give your guinea pigs grass, only give them small amounts.  They will eat as much as you put in front of them…don’t overfeed them!

One last note I need to add:  Make sure the grass hasn’t been chemically treated or used as a bathroom door. Also, don’t feed grass that is cut by a lawnmower. The gass and oil from the mower is bad for your Guinea pig.  All of these situations could make your guinea pig very sick. 



  1. I am afraid Barley is a bit pampered in the grass area. His grass comes in pots from the grocery store. Yep, the grass is sold in the produce department for people who do green shakes.

    • You can buy grass in pots – guinea pig Heaven! Wish I had known about this when I had piggies.

      • We want some! – F&L

    • Sign us up! – F&L

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