Posted by: kerryannekay | April 14, 2016

The Stink Eye

Some guinea pig owners believe that different types of guinea pigs have different types of personalities.  For example, Alfalfa was an Abyssinian or Abby.  They are ‘known’ for being a bit wild.  Imagine that!  Fred is American and crested mix guinea pig.  The term ‘crested’ means the guinea pig has a rosette in their head hair with a patch of white. Crested guinea pigs supposedly have a knack for the ‘stink eye’.

What exactly is the stink eye?  This varies from guinea pig to guinea pig.  However, most owners will describe it as a slight closing of one of the pig’s eyes and a slight tilt of the head in your direction.  It is the most disapproving look you can get from a guinea pig.  Fred is excellent at doing this to me.  Here is a good example:

As I had Fred on my lap today, I began to scratch his back.  I must of hit a ‘bad’ spot on his back.  He turned and gave me the stink eye.  I got a full on dirty look from that guinea pig.  It was like he was saying, “How dare you scratch me there!” It was such a good glare, I felt compelled to put him down and apologize.  “Uhhhh,” I muttered, “Sorry, dude,” as I put him back into the cage.

Fred likes to give Lamont the stink eye.  He will use it when Lamont is getting too ‘brotherly’ with him.  Lamont will back off from Fred like he has the plague.  It is a funny thing to see.  The other time Fred often gives me the stink eye is when the food is low in the cage.  Those stink eyes are extended!  Oddly enough, I have never seen Lamont give me the stink eye.  Perhaps it’s because Fred’s whole crest isn’t white…or he just has a bad attitude.

I apologize for the short blog today.  It’s that time of the year where work and life get very busy.  I would rather publish a good but short blog than a long bad one!  Thanks for your understanding.



  1. That explains why of all the piggies I’ve had the ones with the best stink eyes were crested. My beautiful momma pig could give me the dirtiest looks! (We always said her crest was really a crown!)

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