Posted by: kerryannekay | April 7, 2016

Mr. Snuggles

When I was interviewing to adopt Fred and Lamont, I was asked, “What if the two guinea pigs you adopt don’t have interesting personalities?”  My answer was simple, “How is that even possible?  All guinea pigs have great personalities.  You just need to get to know them…”  That has proven true with Fred and Lamont.  Take snuggling…

Fred and Lamont will not snuggle with me when they are both in my arms.  So, I have to take turns with them.  Lamont will not snuggle with me when Fred is watching.  I usually have to sneak him to the bedroom.  Once there, he will tuck into my neck on the left side and sigh.  He likes to squeak quietly when I rub his back.  He’s too cute for words.  However, when I go to put him back, he’s like, “AUGGGHHH!  Mom cooties!”  Lamont has to show his brother that he is tough and can’t be ‘snuggled’.  I totally get it and usually add, “I was just trying to be nice…  You didn’t have to try to bite me!”  I think it gives Lamont street credit with his brother.  When back in the cage, Lamont go through a mad bath routine.  Every mom germ must be washed off!

Fred is the complete opposite of Lamont.  He hates to snuggle with me.  I can hold him on my chest as he looks for a way to get down.  I always give in and place him on my lap facing away from me.  He likes to watch Lamont from up high.  He will make small disapproving noises as Lamont moves around below.  Fred doesn’t last too long on my lap.  He will turn and give me the stink eye when he wants down.  I have to respect his wishes.  He too will take a mad bath to get rid of the mom cooties!

My boys both have their individual likes and dislikes.  They both have strong personalities.  It took about three months for my boys’ full personalities to emerge.  This seems to be average for most guinea pigs.  I love both of my boys for who they are.



  1. Every guinea does have a unique personality! Your boys are a riot – I love reading about them.

    • They cause a lot of riots too! – KA

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