Posted by: kerryannekay | March 31, 2016

Lazy Guinea Pigs

I feed Fred and Lamont twice a day.  The morning feeding takes place after I wake up.  The boys take their time and wander on over to their food as I take a shower.  When I get home from school, I clean the boys’ cage then feed them.  That’s when I always have problems with the boys and their lazy butts…

“I’m home!” I declared as I waked into the house.  I was met by silence.  “Fred? Mont?” I called as I hung up my coat.  Again, there was nothing but silence.  As I walked up the their cage I called, “Boooyyyyssss?” Nothing.

Both boys were out cold in their snuggle sacks.  “Typical…” I huffed as I took off my shoes.  The boys’ habits had changed with the season.  They used to greet me with enthusiasm and love.  Now, they slept through my daily homecomings.

I went about changing my clothes making sure to be loud enough to wake up the boys.  When finished, I walked over to the cage again.  Both boys had slept though my racket.  “Hummmmm…”  I had to resort to other tactics…

“Fred,” I called to the ample brown butt sticking out of the near sack.  I reached down into the snuggle sack and began to tickle Fred’s butt.  He shifted his weight back and forth several times and complained.  I didn’t stop.  Fred shot out of the sack, over the bridge between the two halves of the cages, and into the hut on the food side of the cage.  He began to chatter his teeth in full protest of my action.  “Ha!” I giggled, “I warned you…”

I cleaned out the empty sack and placed it on the food side of the cage.  It would have a new occupant.  “Lamont?” I said to the remaining sack.  I reached into the second sack and began to tickle Lamont’s butt.  He whined in protest but did not move.  My tickling continued.  His weight shifted back and forth trying to avoid my touch.  Just like Fred, he took off like a shot.  I turned to see him leaping over the bridge between the cages and diving into the empty sack.  He joined Fred in a loud teethy protest.

“I told you two to get up because I had to clean the cage…”  I ignored the continuing protests and cleaned the bed side of the cage.  When I was done, I put the boys comfort items back into their spot.  Both boys took off and went back a sack.  As they bickered over who got which sack, I cleaned the food side of the cage.

About an hour later, the boys were fed.  They happily vacated their sacks in search of food.  This routine has continued for the past month.  The boys hate me tickling their butts.  But, I’ve found it the best and quickest way to move them.  Besides, I’ll just give them treats if they are mad at me.  Food forgives all…



  1. They would be more upset with you if you didn’t clean their cage – silly boys!
    It’s true that food make piggies forget everything else.

    • Don’t mess with our butts! – F&L

      • …but guinea pigs have such cute butts!

      • No! -F&L

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