Posted by: kerryannekay | March 24, 2016

You Don’t Know Jack

This week I’ve post about my parent’s cat, Jack, not feeling well.  I’ve received a lot of positive messages, well wishes, and prayers for his health.  Thank you all.  But one of the biggest questions I got was:  “Why was Jack outside and bit by a gopher?”  Well, let me explain…

Jack is one of the more unique cats that I’ve ever met.  He is more dog like than cat like. Since we rescued Jack, he has always used the outside for his bathroom needs.  There has to be 24” of snow, thunder, rain, and hail all at the same time for him not beg to go out and do his business.  Jack will sit at the front or back door to be let outside.  I like watching his butt trot away as he goes over to his favorite bush or tree.  Sure enough five minutes later, he’s back at the door waiting to be let in.  This arrangement has been wonderful for my parents.  The litter box is usually only used at night and stays really clean.

Jack only goes outside by himself when he’s using the restroom.  Other than that, he prefers human company… He likes to join my parents and I when we do yard work.  He will prance around with us never more than 10 feet away as we work.  If we are having dinner on the back patio, Jack is under the table or laying on the grass nearby.  He follows my niece and I over to the neighbors swings.  As we play, he stands guard.  He loves his people and his people love having him around.

We think that Jack had his groundhog encounter during one of his bathroom outings.  After the incident, my parents found a groundhog hole in the backyard.  Jack is now on lots of medicines and bed rest.  He is miserable but slowly improving.  Please keep sending him healing thoughts.  Thank you for your support. – KA


“I’m just too sexy.” – Jack



  1. Sending prayers for Jack. Get well soon!

  2. I send my most positive energies to you Jack. Get well soon!! You are a very handsome boy! 🙂

  3. Best to Jack. My parents rescued a feral stray 2 years ago that cannot be kept strictly indoors. He is a tame loving cat now but when he wants out it is let me out or I will destroy your house.

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