Posted by: kerryannekay | March 3, 2016

Guinea Pig Taxes

Tonight the boys and I did our taxes.  I filled out a theoretical tax form for the boys’ care:

Food $15.00/ week x 52 weeks = $780

Hay $6.00/ week x 52 weeks = $312

Vet Care $40/ visit x 2 GP x 2 visit/year = $160

Cleaning $2.00/ week x 52 weeks = $104

Treats $1.00/ week x 52 weeks = $52

Incidentals $2.00/ week x 52 weeks = $104

Total Cost = $1512

Amount deductible = $0

So, what did I learn about taking care of a guinea pig?  They cost you money if you care for them properly.  I know this is a short blog but it’s important that everyone is informed before they take on the care of a new pet.  Fred, Lamont, and I want to remind you that guinea pigs deserve the best.  If you decide to get a new family member, please, please, adopt and don’t shop!  ALL of my family’s pets have been adopted or rescued.  ALL of my person pets have been adopted or rescued.  We have never purchased a pet…ever…  I am proud of my family and will continue the tradition with later generations.   I guess more important things were done than my taxes today…


  1. You forgot the cost of laundry for their blankies and snuggie sacks with your cleaning costs. I run a rescue for rabbits and pigs so I do have more, but I did my research and it is approximately $3.14 per load of laundry in the Detroit, MI area. Worth every penny.

    • That’s true. Double that for the boys. They are stinky GP! – KA

  2. And those two darling boys are worth every penny!

  3. ….and then if they need to go to the vet!!

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