Posted by: kerryannekay | February 24, 2016

Niece Fail

This weekend I was at my parent’s house to handle personal business.  When I got there, I set up Fred and Lamont’s cage in ‘my room’.  I always have to make sure to keep the room door closed when I am home. The boys have a stalker that lives in my parents’ house… Her name is Maria but we call her “Mimi”. At 21 months this little girl has become obsessed with anything small, fluffy, and squeaky.  Mimi likes to visit Fred and Lamont…
Sunday afternoon I was helping clean my parent’s house. (They are a bit of pack rats.)  As I was going through things and moving them, I was in and out of three bedrooms.  Each time I went in and out of my room, I made sure to close the door.  I did not want any of our four-legged pets or my two-legged niece paying an impromptu visit to the boys.

So, when I walked past my room and saw the door open, it was a bit of a surprise.  “What the?” I asked as I put the box down in the hall just outside of my room.  I walked into the room and didn’t see anything at first glance.  Loud teeth chatter drew my attention to the boys’ cage.  I almost fainted at what I saw.  Jack, the cat, was in the boys’ cage making himself comfortable.  “JACK!” I screamed.  Jack was undaunted by my yell.  “Get out! Get out! Get out!” I yelled as I darted towards the cage.

Jack ignored me and yawned.  “OUT!” I said grabbing him from both sides and lifting him out of the cage.  “What the heck are you doing in there?” I said breathlessly as I carried him out of the room.  “Go find the dog,” I said as I put him down and gave him a small pat on his butt.  I closed the door behind me to prevent the cat from reentering.

I walked back over to the cage with a racing heart hoping not to see carnage.  Both Fred and Lamont greeted me with chattering teeth.  They were furious that a large furry creature had invaded and pooped in THEIR space.  “OH, MY,” I sighed in relief.

“Yes,” I comforted the livid fluff balls, “I’ll change it out and get rid of the cat smell…” As I changed out the offending towel and paper, Mimi walked into my room.  “Kitty,” she said in a small voice.

“Guinea pig,” I automatically corrected her.

“Nicey, nice…” she said leaning over the cage.

“Yessss,” I said and cut myself off.  “Wait! How did you get in here?”

“Nicey, nice…” Mimi said again pointing at the boys.

“Mimi, did you open the door and let yourself in?” I asked her knowing I wouldn’t get an answer.  “MOM!” I called from my bedroom.

“Yes,” I heard her call from the kitchen.

“Uhhhh, could you please come in here?” I called back.

Several seconds later she was at my door.  “Hey, my love,” she said to Mimi, “are you visiting those boys?”

“Yeah,” I sighed, “She visited the boys… all by herself…”

“What?” my mom asked as she picked up Mimi from mid run.

“Mimi let herself into my room and visited Fred and Lamont,” I explained.

“Oh, you are such a big girl!” my mom declared kissing Mimi on the cheek.

I finished with, “and she let Jack in to visit, too…”

“Are the boys ok?” my mom asked redirecting her attention to the boys’ cage.

“They are fine.  But Jack pooped in the cage and they are two irate gremlins in this cage…”

“Oh, my…” my mother sighed.

“Did you know that Mimi can open doors now?” I asked my mother.

“She’s been doing that for about a week now…” my mom said casually.

“Uhhmmm,” I said stopping my work on cleaning the boys’ cage, “don’t you think I need to know that?”

“Why?” my mother asked.

“Mimi loves the boys!” I exclaimed.

“And…” my mother prompted me for further information.

“And, she let herself in here and left the door open and the cat got into the cage and pooped in the cage and now the boys are furious at me!” I blurted out in on breath.

“Oh, calm down…” my mother, chided me.

“Calm down?!” I exclaimed standing up, “The boys could have been chewed up and spit out by that cat!”

“Jack?” my mother asked.

“Yes!” I shouted, “JACK!”

“He’s not a killer,” she plainly stated.

“Not a killer?” I giggled madly.  “Did you see the dead bird on the back porch?”

“You can’t prove that was him…” my mother said defending her favorite cat.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Seriously,” my mother stated.

“Ok,” I sighed, “but we’ve got to come up with a new way to keep Mimi out of my room.”

“Kitty!” Mimi exclaimed from my mother’s arms.

“Guinea pig,” my mother and I simultaneously corrected her.

“I’ll go out and get those door things to keep her out…” I told my mother.

“Good idea,” she agreed, “buy them for the whole house.”

“Not in my budget,” I said and turned back to work on cleaning the boys cage.

Mimi let herself into my room about a dozen times that day to visit the “kitty”.  The doors all scheduled to get the specialized “keep the small kid out” attachments on the knobs.  My boys were fine and got lots of attention and food after the “visit” from Jack.  I now know that I have to protect the boys from the animals and my niece.  Nevertheless, I’m their mom, it’s my job, and I wouldn’t have it any other way…



  1. I’m soo glad that Fred & Lamont were only irate & Jack didn’t seem to be terribly interested in them! But child locks sound like a good idea. One never knows when a cat’s instincts will kick in. Glad the boys got lots of attention & food to make them happy after the intrusion!

    • He’s pretty chill. But you are right. – KA

  2. So glad that mom was there to protect the boys! But, Jack had better be careful – if Fred & Lamont decide to gang up on him…

    • We would have tore his butt up! – F&L

  3. So glad that mom is there to protect the boys! But, Jack had better be careful – if Fred & Lamont decide to gang up on him…

  4. My cats are absolutely TERRIFIED of my piggy. She charged at the big one (18lbs) and bit him during floor time once, so now both of them avoid her, lol.

    • That sounds like something Alfalfa would do… – KA

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