Posted by: kerryannekay | February 11, 2016

I’m sick…

I’m sick.  I’m sure that you’re surprised that I’m able to write this blog.  But, I’m tough, too!  *cough, cough*  Today, the boys are being total brats.  I have tried to reason with them:

“Boys, I am not feeling well and have a headache.  Could you both keep the noise level down?  Please.”  Lamont’s response was to let out a loud and ear splitting “whhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek” as I walked away from the cage.  “Dude,” I admonished him as I turned around.  “What do you want?”  Lamont turned his head as to ask me a question.  “A snack?” I asked.  My bad guinea pig popcorned a good four inches in the air.  “Ok,” I said laughing, “I’ll get you a snack.” I got both boys a chunk of cucumber.

As the boys were happily munching on their snack, I tried to take a nap.  I knew exactly when Fred was done with his cucumber.  He started to rumble at Lamont in a play to steal Lamont’s remaining snack.  Of course, Lamont protected his cucumber.  I heard both boys chase each other around the cage.  There was a large crash when someone ran into the hay rack.

“OKAY!” I yelled from the bed.  The running stopped.  “Stop it!” I admonished both boys.  As soon as I was done speaking the running started back up again.  “Seriously?” I sighed as I got up out of bed.  I heard the boys run for cover when I turned on the light.

“Boys,” I said to the two butts sticking out of their snuggly sacks, “I’m sick!  You two need to keep it down!’”  Fred chattered his teeth at me.  “Thanks,” I said heading to the kitchen.  The moment I opened the refrigerator, my monsters were back at it again, “WHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!” they yelled in stereo.  “OMG!” I sighed, “I’m never going to get a nap…”

And, I didn’t get to nap.  So, I sat down at the computer to do some school work and write this blog.  I must not be that sick.  Usually the boys are saints when I am truly ill.  I guess I should be grateful that they are both brats.

Wait a second…


  1. You boys should be nice to your mom when she is sick! She is so good to you. Let her rest. If she gets too sick, she won’t be able to feed you.

    • What ever! We make sure mom knows she’s alive! It’s our job. -F&L

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