Posted by: kerryannekay | January 28, 2016

The Death of a Coffee Maker

This past weekend the North East coast of America experienced an epic blizzard.  I prepared by stocking my pantry, fridge, and any space I could find with important supplies.  The supplies included gourmet coffee, iced tea, chips, good bread, imported ham slices from the deli, imported cheese slices from the deli, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables.  I made sure that they boys had plenty of food too.  I splurged and bought them extra veggies. You could say that I heeded all of the warnings and ‘properly prepared’ for the storm.

On Saturday, there was a break in the storm.  I took the opportunity to dig my car out a bit… (That first dig was one of four times I had to dig out…)  I was cold and the only thing on my mind was hot coffee.

When I walked into the house, both boys ran for cover and complained about the cold air.  “Dudes,” I exhaled and took off my coat, “You two should feel it out there.  Wow!”  I continued over to the kitchen with coffee on my mind.  Lamont took that as a sign he was about to be fed.  “Whhheeeeekkkkk!” he let out in protest to the lack of service.

“No food!” I called back from the kitchen, “It’s too early…” I explained as he continued to let out small wheeks of protest.  “It’s not going to work…  I’m not talking to you until I get my coffee…” I called as I grabbed for the coffee maker in the cabinet above my head.  As I pulled it out the carafe slipped of the base, bounced off the top of my head, and hit the floor.

Glass shattered everywhere.  “CRUD!” yelled.  I heard Fred and Lamont growling in protest in their cage.  I cleaned up the glass and walked around the house sulking.

All I could think was, ‘I have no coffee, I may survive the blizzard…’  I did the only rational thing I could think of…I posted it as my status on Cavy Adventures: “I just broke my coffee maker and dust buster.  I may die before the end of the storm. – KA”

But, your responses were awesome:

Person 1:  “You still got the boys.”

Person 2:  “No COFFEE???!!! Tragedy!”

Person 3:  “OMG NO COFFEE!!!! Can you get out of your house??”

Person 4:  “Typical, things always break when you can’t get out. Boys beware as mom in in coffee withdrawal!!!”

Person 5:  Do you have coffee filters?  You can limp through with a filter in a strainer.  It doesn’t have to end like this!  LOL!”

Person 6 suggested I used “instant coffee” and sent me a link on how to make coffee the ‘old fashion’ way.


I will admit that I did search for a solution using Google:  “How to make coffee when your coffee maker is broken and you’re desperate.”  The search returned 1,900,000 hits in 0.66 seconds.  I didn’t have time to go through all of those links and find a viable solution.

Then I got a PM on Cavy Adventures from someone…

Person 7:  “Are you going to be ok?”

Me:  “Yes, just bummed that I broke my coffee maker…”

Person 7:  “You’re not considering anything dramatic…are you?”

Me:  “Dramatic?  What do you mean?”

Person 7:  “I just don’t want you to switch to drinking tea…”

Me:  “LOL!”

Person 7:  *sends link*

Me:  “Thanks.  I’ll try that…  Stay warm.”

Person 7:  “You too!”

I read all of the suggestions on the web and decided to make coffee by any means possible.  I started tearing apart my cabinets looking for supplies.  Then I saw it…it was the most beautiful thing I had seen all day!  I saw my French Press!  “AUGHHH!” I yelled out!  “I can make coffee,” I declared to the boys.

I quickly made coffee and drank two cups.  I updated my status:  “Thanks for all of the wonderful “coffee making” suggestions.  I’ve just pulled out my French Press.  Life will go on at my house. – KA”  “Boys!” I called to Fred and Lamont, “We’ve got coffee…I’ve got coffee… You don’t have to worry about your mom…well…you know…”


  1. I love reading about your adventures! Thank God you were able to make coffee and survive the blizzard.

    • “Adventures”. Let’s call it that and not “Thoughts of a Crazy Person”! LOL! Thanks for your comment! – KA

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