Posted by: kerryannekay | January 21, 2016

Lamont’s Meds

At the beginning of last month, Lamont had a runny nose.  I had to take him to the vet.  Fred was Lamont’s personal escort and bodyguard.  It turns out that Lamont only had a minor upper respiratory infection. He was put on some antibiotics and probiotics.  The dose was once a day.  The drama was on…

As I approached the cage, Lamont decided to bolt.  He knew that I was coming to give him his medicine.  “Mont,” I called, “please don’t be a butt head about taking your meds again!”  Lamont whined in response to me.  “Let’s go!” I said as I scooped him up out of his snuggle sack.  He let out a whine and chattered his teeth in protest.

“I know,” I consoled him, “I hate giving you the meds too…”  I was smart enough to prepare the hand towel, probiotics, and antibiotics before getting Lamont.  As I placed him on the towel, he jerked, and made a break for it.  “Dude…” I admonished him, “Let’s not make this hard…”  I kissed his head and put him back down.

The next step was getting the medicine inside of him, well, getting the syringe inside of his mouth.  I took Lamont in my super-guinea-pig hold with my left arm and my left hand under his chin.  With my right hand, I pulled back his lips a bit and gently pushed the syringe to the side of his front incisors.  Before Lamont could jerk away, I squirted the medicine into his mouth.  He shivered at the taste and quickly swallowed it down.

“I know,” I said leaning over and kissing his head, “one more…this is the good stuff…”  I stuck the second syringe in his mouth and dispensed the gel.  Lamont chortled at the probiotics and began to chew furiously.  “That’s the good stuff…” I giggled scooping him up.  I kissed his head and carried him back over to the cage.  “Good boy,” I sighed as I put him back down.  Lamont took off like a shot back to his snuggly sack.

I giggled as Fred ran over to Lamont to check him out and consul him for the insults I had just inflicted upon his brother.  Lamont whined to make his point to his brother.  “Fred,” I called leaning over the cage to get a better view, “don’t believe a word your brother says…”  Fred chattered his teeth at me in a threating gesture.  “Oh,” I said stepping back, “don’t mess with my brother… I get it, I get it…”


  1. Oh – brotherly love!

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