Posted by: kerryannekay | December 3, 2015


At 89, my grandmother did not quite understand why I had Fred and Lamont as pets.  This is a conversation that we had about them last December:


Grandma:  “What is that thing?”

Me:  “These things are two guinea pigs… Why?”

Grandma:  “Guinea pigs?  What do they do?”

Me:  “Not much…  Eat and poop…”

Grandma:  “Bleck.”

Me:  “They are great to cuddle with…  You want to hold them?”

Grandma:  “No, no, no… I don’t like animals.”  *pets cat on her lap as the dog walks up and lays on her feet*

Me:  “Ok,”  *Fred lets out a wheek*

Grandma:  “Is it trying to talk to you?”

My Grandmother.

My Grandmother.

Me:  “Yes.”

Grandma:  “What is it saying?”

Me:  “I’m hungry.”

Grandma:  “Go eat…”

Me:  *giggles*  “No, the guinea pigs are hungry.”

Grandma:  “What do they eat?”
Me:  “Salad, fruit, and vegetables…”

Grandma:  “Bleck…”

Me:  “I know, you don’t like salad…”

Grandma:  “Nope.”  *mom calls the humans to dinner*

Me:  “Ok, time for dinner.”

Grandma:  “I don’t want that thing to eat my dinner.”
Me:  “No, I’ll put them away.”

Grandma:  “Ok…”  *gets up and walks into kitchen*
Me:  “Come on boys…  Your dinner is upstairs…”


This past Monday, 11/30/15 my grandmother passed away.  She was 90 and had a wonderful life.  She always claimed to “not like animals”.  However, she was always the one that took in stray cats and fed the feral cats outside.  Grandma usually had a cat on her lap at my parents’ house.  She will be missed by all…including our house cats…



  1. So very sorry to hear about your Grandmother.

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