Posted by: kerryannekay | November 13, 2015

Fred’s Beans

Fred has always been very good at sending beans flying out of his backside.  However, he has taken his talent to a new level.  He has learned how to launch his beans…out of the cage.

When Fred backs up to fencing around the cage, I know he is getting into place for this feat.  I always imagine him making a beeping noise as he backs up.  *beep* *beep* *beep*  He makes contact with the bards and then adjusts his butt.  The adjustment is a quick wiggle of his rear.  *wiggle-wiggle*  Sometimes, he is out of position and needs to re-park.  Back, and forth, and wiggle, and back and forth and wiggle…  He looks like a new driver trying to get between the lines in a parking spot and missing several times.  I guess the ‘lines’ in his parking spot are the two bars in the fence.  When all is right and after a dramatic pause, he will let the beans fly.  Oh, boy, do they fly.  Fred’s record is about two feet away from the cage.  I always wonder:  Do the beans just land where I find them?  Do they manage to roll there?  Is he magically transporting them out of the cage?

After the deed is ‘done’, Fred will turn around and inspect his work.  He only walks away if it is up to his standards.  I have no idea what exactly comprises his ‘standards’.  But I do know that I’m getting tired of vacuuming up beans that are not in the cage… Oh, Fred, behave!



  1. Fred your so naughty. And Rudy does that too. He likes to do the backing up and wiggle before peeing. *sigh*

    • LOL! That’s funny. Fred pees as he walks. He leaves a long trail. – KA

  2. Fred has talent! I will never understand the enigma that is the guinea pig bean. I have found them in places that make absolutely no sense at all.

    • My car, my purse, my shoes… You name it. – KA

  3. If only bean flying were an Olympic Sport – Fred would go for the gold!

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