Posted by: kerryannekay | November 6, 2015

The Brave and the Stupid

I like to let the boys run the apartment when I am home.  However, one of their favorite things to do is ‘escape’ to the hallway.  Truth be told, I let them escape…


The other day, I opened the door and sat in the hallway across from it.  The boys shyly came to the threshold and started to furiously sniff.  Fred determined it was ok and took three small steps in the hall.  Lamont followed and stood just behind him. “Oh, no…” I fake whispered, “Fred and Lamont are escaping…”  I had to hold back my laughter.

The boys paid no attention to my statement and continued to step further into the hallway.  This time Lamont was the brave one and moved to the right and ahead of Fred. He sniffed the air and decided all was clear.  Lamont took off like a shot and ran across to the neighbors’ door and back past Fred.  Lamont completed his loop by darting back into the apartment.  Several seconds later Lamont was zipping past Fred again.

Fred was not going to be left behind in the dust.  He took off and followed Lamont.  Several feet later he was nose and nose with his brother.  “Oh, no…” I joked, “Looks like they are neck and neck for the dash back to the apartment.”  The boys both crossed into the apartment at the same time.  I head one guinea pig not make the turn and the resulting crash into the couch.  I giggled and waited to see who emerged.

Fred came zooming out of the apartment.  “Oh, it looks like your brother crashed,” I laughed.  “Does he need a medic?” I asked Fred’s butt as he ran by.  My question was answered with Lamont gingerly trotting out of the apartment. “You ok dude?” I asked him.  He took off after Fred.  “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking,” I giggled as Fred jumped to avoid the darting Lamont.

“Stay to the right!” I called to Lamont.  Fred dashed back into the apartment.  Lamont started the final stretch to the apartment and then pulled up short.  Fred trotted out of the apartment and stood next to Lamont.  The boys sniffed the air.  “What’s up dudes?” I called.  The locks on the door across the hallway began to turn.  Both boys started to chatter their teeth in warning.  “She has moved,” I admonished the boys.

Fred and Lamont stood and stared at the door.  “What?” I asked, “You two going to attack?”  Fred let several beans fly.  “Dumping the ballasts before the attack?” I asked him.  They ignored me and kept on target.  The door slowly started to open.  Both boys stood up as tall as possible.  “Impressive…” I commented with sarcasm.

The door opened the entire way.  Both boys stood stark still for a second, turned tail, and took off as fast as their legs could carry them back into the apartment.  I heard them climb up their ramp and each dive for a snuggly sack.

“Hello!” I sad to the mom across the hallway as she came out of her apartment.

“Hello,” she said shifting the baby carrier from one arm to the other.

“How is the baby?” I asked.

“Fine.  On our way for a checkup,” she said closing her door. “Were those the boys I saw running back into your house?” she asked.

“Yes,” I sighed, “the brave and the stupid…”

“Hey, boys,” she called to the apartment, “Nice to see…your butts,” she added with a giggle.

“Yea,” I said standing up.  “They had plans to stand up to you tonight…”

“Oh?” the mom from across the hall asked, “And…bite my toes?”

“They can dream…” I giggled.  We said our good byes and I picked up Fred’s beans.  I walked into the apartment and shut the door.

“She’s gone…” I called.  Fred stuck his head out of the cuddle sack and chuffed at me.  “Oh, my brave pig,” I mocked.  Lamont suck his head out just then, “And his handsome sidekick…”  Lamont chattered his teeth at me and turned around.  “Fine,” giggled, “I’ll keep this between you and me… OK?”  Fred turned and went to lay down with my assurance.

I walked away and over to my computer.  “Man,” I sighed, “This is going to make a great blog…  You two make it too easy sometimes…”


  1. I hope Lamont didn’t get hurt.

    • Just a minor set back. – KA

  2. What wild boys! Your stories just make my day! Say, whatever happened to the Holy Water Lady?

    • Thanks! She moved in with her daughter. – kan

  3. Oh – I will miss the Holy Water lady – hope things are going ok for her. Give those boys a kiss on the nose for me!

    • I will! They are crazy as ever! – KA

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