Posted by: kerryannekay | October 23, 2015

It’s Cold? It’s Cold!

The weather here in the northeast has become fitful.  It has been in the 60s during the day and low 40s at night.  I always face a dilemma this time of the year:  When do I turn on the heat?  My answer is always as late possible.  However, this year, the boys made that decision for me…

This past Saturday, I got up and noticed that the house was a bit chilly.  I fed the boys and went into the shower.  After getting dressed, I went out and started my morning chores.  I noticed that the boys had not touched their food.  “Dudes?” I asked their snuggly sacks, “You two ok?”  There was no answer from either sack.

I reached down and opened up the front of the first snuggly sack.  Lamont chattered his teeth at me and turned around.  “Dude,” I sighed and put the sack front back down.  I then opened the front of the other sack.  Fred’s butt greeted me.  “Uhhhh,” I asked the large backside, “Are you two going to get up?”  Fred half wheeked and half squealed at me.  “I’ll take that as a no,” I added as I put the sack cover back down.

"WHAT?!?" - F&L

“WHAT?!?” – F&L

As I went about my business, I noticed Lamont walk out of his sack.  He quickly peed, shook himself, and ran back into his sack.  ‘I know what’s going on here,’ I thought, ‘They are cold.’  “Okay, boys,” I called as I walked over to the thermostat, “you two have convinced me to turn on the heat.”

About an hour later, the heat had made the house cozy and warm.  I walked over to see Fred and Lamont lounging around in the cage.  They were out of the snuggly sacks and had eaten their breakfast.  “How’s the heat?” I asked Lamont.  Lamont yawned and stretched out on the cuddle cup.  Fred was busy eating hay.  “Fred?” I asked, “Any comments?”  He commented by lifting his butt and sending several bean flying.  “Nice,” I sighed. “Do you think that we can sell those to help pay for the higher electrical bill?”  There was no response from either boy.  “Yea,” I added, “That’s what I thought.”

I’ve found a nice balance between the warmer days and colder nights.  I think that my power bill is going to rather large this month.  The things I do to keep Fred and Lamont happy…



  1. Reminds me of a cold winter with Punkin. Being on the 3rd floor over senior citizens with the heat rising through the floor they usually provide sufficient heat for me to sleep comfortably at night. When it gets really cold I turn the heat on first thing when I get up to take the chill off. One super cold morning I came in to turn the heat on and Punkin was in his flannel bag all nice and cozy and he started to come out to tell me good morning. He felt the air and backed right back up into his bag to emerge only when he felt it was warm enough. It was rare for Punkin to get cold. Barley requires more heat now and I wonder if it is because he is so much smaller. At 2lb 8oz he is considerably smaller than the 3lb 12oz Punkin was.

  2. Those boys may need to get a job to pay the heating bill. (They really should make those snuggly sacks in people size.)

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