Posted by: kerryannekay | September 18, 2015

Booty Shaking

Guinea pigs have several ways of communicating with each other.  One of the more elaborate displays is called rumble strutting.  A guinea pig will put out a low rumble of a call.  As this is going on, the guinea pig will walk along with a strut in their step and wiggle their butt.  The goal is to impress another guinea pig or show dominance.  Fred and Lamont have taken rumble strutting to a new level.  I think they are in training to become models…or something…

Fred:  “Does this fur make my butt look big?”
Lamont:  “Oh, come on! That question is such a trap!”

Fred:  “Ok.  Be honest, do I have a big butt?”

Lamont:  “It’s bigger than mine…”

Fred:  “Awesome!”

Lamont: “Try that pass again…the one with the new wiggle you’ve added…”

Fred:  *does two strut passes as Lamont watches*
Lamont:  “No, that’s not it.  Let me show you…”  *does two strut passes as Fred watches*

Fred:  “I don’t move my butt like that!  You’re making fun of me.”

Lamont:  *rumbles*  “I’m just showing you what I see!” *struts around Fred*

Fred:  *angry popcorn*  “Cut it out!” *rumbles*

Lamont:  “I can’t help it if I’m fabulous!” *rumble struts to one end of cage and back*

Fred:  “Oh, sure, now you’re just stealing my thunder.”  *rumbles louder*

Lamont:  *goes nose to nose with Fred*  “I can be louder that that!” *rumbles louder*

Fred:  “I’m known for being the loud guinea pig…you just whine!”

Lamont:  “My nose is higher!” *raises nose above Fred’s*

Fred:  *rubles louder and raises nose above Lamont’s*  “See!”

Lamont:  *stretches on tippy toes to beat Fred*

Fred:  “Not fair!” *rumbles and begins to strut around*

Lamont:  “I’ve got a better strut!”  *rumbles and follows Fred strutting around*

KA:  “Boys, this is getting a bit ridiculous…*

Fred:  “I’m better than him!”

Lamont:  “Are not!”

KA:  “Stop it you two before I ground you both!”

Fred:  “We are on the ground…low riders…”

Lamont:  *giggles* “Low riders!”

Fred:  “I crack myself up!”

KA:  “You two ok now?”

Lamont:  “Why?”

Fred:  “We were never bad, just practicing.”

Lamont:  “We’re going to be male models…”

Fred:  “I’m going to specialize in booty shots…”

Lamont:  “You do have a fabulous butt…”

Fred:  “And you hair is gorgeous!”

So, now I’m stuck looking for an agent for the boys.  They want to do guinea pig couture modeling work or television.  I told them that they have a better look for catalog work.  That didn’t go over well.  After I said that, both boys stuck their noses up and strutted away.  I couldn’t help but noticing Lamont’s great hair and Fred’s huge butt. Perhaps they do have a future in ‘the business’…



  1. I laughed so hard I almost cried! I’d love to see your boys on TV – but is the fashion world really ready for these booty shaking dudes?!

  2. WE THINK SO! – F&L

  3. Ah, memories. Fig and Fizz used to have modeling discussions as well, but sometimes theirs led to…ahem…inappropriate actions being taken by one or both parties.

    I’m not sure the world is ready for the guinea model. People would pass out from the cuteness and the squee-ing.

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