Posted by: kerryannekay | September 11, 2015

An Ode to Grass

An Ode to Grass

By:  Fred and Lamont

Grass is fresh and it’s green,

And the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen.

It grows long and sweet,

With roots we’d like to meet.

Grass smell is oh, so nice.

We think it’s used as a spice.

Some was placed upon our dish,

And its taste was like a granted wish.

Each day we cry to mom for more,

But the lack of grass makes us sore.

Mom says it’s just a treat,

We say, “Let eat!”

We don’t care if we’ll get gas.

Besides, that stuff come out our a**.

So as we go to sleep,

We try hard not to weep.

Let’s all start a loud cheer.

“If you love us, bring the grass here!”


We wrote this poem as a way to tell our mom that we need more grass in our lives.  We hope that you like it.  Please let a comment in support of efforts to make grass a daily part of our diets!  – Fred and Lamont

* Author’s note:  I promised that I would publish Fred and Lamont’s blog today without editing it.  However, I didn’t promise to add to it…  Please watch out how much grass you give your guinea pigs.  Too much grass may cause them to get a bad case of gas.  So, as much as your guinea pigs would like to eat tons of grass, please limit it to small amounts no more than once or twice a week.  Remember that moderation and variety is the key to a good guinea pig diet.  – KA




  1. That is the most beautiful poem in the world! I love grass, too, but I usually have to graze. When *somebody* cuts me some grass and serves it in a bucket, I feel like I am a King!

    • This is why you are our hero, Dobby! – F&L

  2. Wonderful poem boys, but your mom is right – too much grass will make you gassy and extra stinky! Mom know best!!

    • We don’t mind farting! – F&L

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