Posted by: kerryannekay | September 4, 2015

A Shoe in for Trouble…

I am totally burnt out this week and have no ideas for this blog.  College and school have kicked into high gear thus kicking my butt.  Fred and Lamont are no help.  I think that they are purposely kicking or flinging beans out of their cage into the apartment.  How else can I explain finding one of their beans in my bed?  Then there was my shoe this morning…

I got home a bit after six thirty last night from school.  Yes, I was a bit later than usual for a college class night.  So, the boys were fed, cleaned, watered, and loved before I had my own dinner.  When I said goodnight to them, I thought all was good.  They yawned and cooed back to me as I called to them as I turned off the light.

Again, in the morning, I thought I was still on good terms with the boys.  I feed them and topped off their water before I took a shower and got dressed.  I always put my shoes on and say goodbye to the boys just before I leave.  My shoes were next to the boys’ cage.  Now, this isn’t unusual.  I’m bad about putting my shoes away and tend to leave them out…

"We are innocent!" - F&L

“We are innocent!” – F&L

I stuck my foot into my right shoe.  No problems.  Then I stuck my foot into the left one.  There was a sticky, soft, squishy substance in the shoe.  “Yuck,” I gasped as I pulled my foot out.  Beans followed my foot and leapt out of the shoe.  Then, I felt the wetness of my sock.  “Oooohhhh,” I groaned, “You peed in my shoe too?  Boys…”

Looking down I saw beans stuck to my sock.  “That’s just gross,” I admonished Fred and Lamont as they stood there admiring their work.  “How did you manage to pee in my shoe?  It wasn’t even in your cage!”  I peeled off my sock and dropped it on the floor.  I couldn’t do anything but change my socks, wear a different pair of shoes, and clean up when I got home.

As I went through the school day several nagging thoughts lingered:  “How did the boys manage to pee in my shoe if it wasn’t in the cage?”, “Is this magic?”, “Is Alfalfa haunting me?”, and “How do I manage to adopt the weirdest guinea pigs?” I found out my answers when I got home…

As I got home from school today, I was greeted by both boys at the door.  They were out of their cage!!!  As I walked in the door, I scooped both of them up and put them on the couch.  I was going to interrogate these two hoodlums.  I started gently:  “So, boys, how did you get out of the cage?” There was no response.  I picked up the soiled shoe.  “These are expensive teacher shoes. If someone doesn’t fess up, I’m going to take it out of both of your meal money!” Lamont chewed his cud and Fred yawned at me.

Obviously my interrogation methods were not effective.  I tried one last threat:  “I’ll take your hay away…”  That got a reaction.  Lamont started to chatter his teeth at me angrily.  Fred quickly joined him.  “Fine,” I admitted, “but you two are on report!”  I picked up the boys and placed them back into their cage.  After dinner, I inspected the boys’ cage for flaws and possible escape routes.  There were none.

"WHAT?!?" - F&L

“WHAT?!?” – F&L

As I sit here and type I’m concerned for my footwear’s safety.  Will the boys escape again and attack a pair of my favorite shoes in the rack near the door?  Will that soiled pair ever smell the same?  What about the bean in my bed?  Did the boys’ climb up there and purposely plant it?  All of these questions and more have been swirling though my brain.  But, the biggest question still lingers:  How did Fred and Lamont escape? Well, at least no one at school noticed that I didn’t have my usual pair of teacher shoes on…


  1. Looks like your going to have to set up a video cam so you can figure this one out. Lol

  2. They look so innocent in their photos. Perhaps you are right, and Alfalfa is helping Fred and Lamont!

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