Posted by: kerryannekay | July 16, 2015

A crazy week… 

Greetings from a crazy and busy week. I was hoping to have someone guest blog for me this week. However, it didn’t work out. I’ve been in class all of this week and will be all next week. So this is just a quick update on the boys. I figured I would tell you about some of their new habits…
Fred – Fred has started to rub his flanks on things. He seems to be acting like a cat rubbing it’s self on a human’s leg. He rubs back and forth several times in bliss. But, the best part is when I catch him doing it. He will freeze for a second before skulking away. It’s like I’ve interrupted a personal moment between him and the hidey-hut. Sometimes he will stare at me in disapproval. I know I shouldn’t laugh at him but, it’s too funny.
Lamont – Lamont is a champion whiner. He can whine at the top of his lungs. He doesn’t need a reason to whine. I think he does it to hear himself. Fred hides from Lamont when he gets into the grove. I want to hide from Lamont when he gets into the grove. When I tell Lamont to stop, he does for a second or two. After that pause, he will start up even louder. That guinea pig has woken me up at night. I’ve heard the “song of his people” more time than than I can remember…

So, I hope you enjoyed this quick update on the boys. I will be on vacation the first week of August. There may not be a blog. Have a wonderful week. – KA



  1. I thought you would have dozens of people willing to fill in for you so because I run a rescue and have little extra time and no writing talent I did not volunteer, but if you really need someone I have had 20 years of rescue stories. I would kind of like to tell Morgan’s story even though it is kind of sad because she is gone now, but let me know if you want me to try I will run a few things by you.



    • Sure. You can PM me on Cavy Adventures on Facebook. – KA

  2. So Lamont sings the “song of his people” does he? Wow. I can certainly understand how that would quickly get to be too much for you & Fred. My sympathies. Wish he would sing it a bit quieter, I’m sure you do.

    • Yea. I don’t mind the singing. It’s the whining that gets to me. Both GP are very vocal. It’s a mad house. – KA

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