Posted by: kerryannekay | June 18, 2015

Hay Obsession

A good guinea pig diet is the best way to maintain their health.  One of the most important parts of that diet is their hay.  My boys have a constant and unlimited supply of timothy hay.  Fred and Lamont take advantage of the all you can eat hay buffet I offer them.  They will go through a bag of hay a week!  I’ve had to start ordering large boxes of hay via on-line stores.

Although eating a lot of hay for guinea pigs is normal (and good for them), I think my boys are obsessed with hay…  Sometimes, I need to put out hay and greens at the same time. Now, most guinea pigs would go for the fresh greens.  Not my boys, they go after the hay.  I’m like, “Boys, the hay can wait…  Eat your greens before they wilt…”  Will they listen?  Nope.

When the boys hay is low, they let me know it. They have ripped their hay bag off of its hangers.  They have torn parts of the bag.  They have climbed up into the empty bag and left beans and pee behind.  They are just bad, bad, boys when it comes to hay.

I’ve come home to what I like to call “hay-ma-get-on”.  This usually occurs when the boys have eaten all of the “good parts” of the hay in their bag.  On a cut of timothy hay, guinea pigs will eat the flowers first, the leaves second, and will not eat the stalks unless they are going to starve to death.  So, the boys’ bag can look deceivingly full and not be full of “acceptable” hay.  They will drag ALL of the hay they don’t want and scatter it everywhere.  Everywhere.  To make matters worse, they like to pee on the uneaten hay.  Did I mention the smell?  OY!

I just don’t get what is so great about hay.  I would eat the greens I put out for them. I would not eat the hay.  Greens taste good…hay, not so much.  So, are your guinea pigs as obsessed with hay like mine?  Or are mine just being weirdos?

My school is out for the summer!  Remember, I’m still looking for two guest bloggers for when I’m on vacation.  I’ve got one person working on a blog.  I would like two others to submit one for publication.  Thanks! – KA


  1. Naughty boys – peeing all over! Your poor mom – you are so lucky she loves you both.

    • Excuse us, that’s our job! – F&L

  2. Well, you boys are really good at your job!

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