Posted by: kerryannekay | June 10, 2015

An Update

A poem to keep you in the loop.

Fred and Lamont have been producing a lot of poop. 

They like to chatter at each other each day. 

They bicker if they don’t get their own way. 

They love food more and more.

But think carrots are a bore.

Fred has a rather large butt.

He barely fits into the hut.

Lamont is bulking up as the days go by.

He’s turning into quite a curvy guy.

Cleaning their cages quite a task.

Some days I need a mask.

Watermelon is the boys favorite treat.

But I’ve got to watch how much they eat.

Both boys really need a bath.

However it may cause them wrath.

Just one final note.

And I don’t mean to gloat.

I love my boys, yes I do.

And I know you all love them too! 

I apologize for the short poem this week. I barely remembered it was Wednesday. I am so busy with the close of school… I am still looking for two or three guest bloggers for the summer. Send me a personal message on Facebook through Cavy Adventures website if you’re interested. Thanks. – Kerry Anne 


  1. This made me laugh, thanks boys

    • Oh good. I’m so busy. I didn’t want to just not write something. Hearing that I made you laugh is a wonderful compliment. Thank you! – KA

  2. Great poem – I just love your boys!

    • So do I! But do you want to foot the food bill?!? – KA

  3. You’ll have to get a second job – or gets the boys a REAL job!

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