Posted by: kerryannekay | June 4, 2015

Problem Children

Recently, Fred and Lamont have started bickering with each other.  The noise and arguments are starting to drive me crazy.  All I hear is, “buzzzz, buzzzz, chitter, chitter, whine, whine,” from each of them.  Fred enjoys buzzing and chattering his teeth at Lamont.  Lamont will chatter back and whine.  Both can achieve ear splitting volume levels.

Their argument will grow and grow until I can’t stand it anymore.  I separate the two by blocking each into their own side of the cage.  That strategy works for about five minutes.  At almost exactly the five minute mark, the boys will start to whine in unison.  I don’t understand what has changed between them in five minutes…  They will start wheeking to be back together again.  If I had to write a dialog from argument to reunification between them it would go like this:

*Fred and Lamont chase each other and argue loudly.*

F:  “I hate you!”

L:  “I hate you more!”

*Mom steps and separates the boys.*

F:  “I’m fine without you!”

L:  “I’m ok… I’m ok…”

*Content noises of eating and sniffing around.*

F:  “Where is my long lost brother?”

L:  “Oh, my brother, I miss you!”

*The unison whining starts.*

F:  “Where are you Lamont?!”

L:  “I can’t see you Fred!!!”

*Mom tells both boys to be quiet.*

F:  “Release my brother from his incarceration, you evil human!”

L:  “I shall survive; I shall triumph over this evil!”

*Both boys start whining louder for each other.*



*Mom removes the barrier between both sides of the cage.*



*The boys run over to sniff each other.*

F:  “I thought I lost you forever!”

L:  “I would never give in…”

*Nose to nose contact.*

F:  “Love you, brother…”

L:  “I love you too, brother.”

*Peace reigns over cage for 10 minutes…*

F:  “I hate you!”

L:  “I hate you more!”

This cycle has repeated itself more times in the past two weeks than I wish to admit.  Fred and Lamont are in a love-hate relationship with each other.  They can’t live without each other.  They can’t live with each other.  And, I have to go now.  The boys have started chasing each other around the cage…again.  Another argument has started… BOYS BEHAVE!


  1. I think my sister and I were like this as kids. Good luck mom!

  2. With Tea and Punkin on occasion Tea would get put in timeout. He was always so happy to see his brother again though. Sounds like they are both growing big personalities.

    • Oy! Time outs don’t work here. – KA

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