Posted by: kerryannekay | May 13, 2015

Ready? Aim! BEAN!

My two guinea pigs have picked up some bad habits since they have moved in with me.  One of the worst things that they like to do is fling beans.  Each guinea pig has their own technique for this nasty habit:

Lamont is a casual bean flinger.  Lamont will start what I like to call a poop circle.  He walks in circles just before he’s going to poop.  Lamont will then back up to the edge of the cage and then start launching beans at will.  His aim is not very good.  I tend to find a cone pattern with the point at where his butt butted up against the cage. Lamont has claimed that he is trying to “make a nice neat pile for me to clean up”.  I know better.  He’s just too lazy to be bothered with beaning in other spots.

Fred is just a mad-bean-er.  There is no rhyme or reason to his production pattern.  I can count on finding random beans from here to there from him.  Oddly enough, Fred has this high-powered bean launching device.  He can launch beans really far from the edge of the cage.  I think he likes to get them in areas where I walk.  I hate stepping on his fresh beans with or without socks.

One thing that is a true mystery to me is how the boys mange to line their butts up between the bars.  Is this a trial and error situation?  Do they get misfires and adjust?  Is there ever a backfire that has occurred?  I’d hate the see the results of that…  Wait!  Maybe that’s why I have to give the boys butt baths so often…  Somethings in the life of a guinea pig are best left…alone…


Thank you for your support over the past two weeks.  It’s been a bit crazy here.  I think the boys are currently mad at me for spending so much time studying the last two weeks.  *sigh*  I’ve got a great story about Fred’s temper tantrum he threw last week that I’m working on.  I can’t complain too much about Lamont.  He’s turned into a snuggle butt that whines when I put him down.  There’s a story about that too coming.  I’m looking for two or three guest bloggers for this summer.  One is for when I’m on vacation and the other one or two when I’ve got class this summer.  So, if you’ve got a story, write it up!  Your GP could be famous!  – KA



  1. Cute little dudes! My Fergie is a Turd Tosser – she poos, picks it up in her front paws, then stands up with front paws atop coroplast with her poo-missile-laden hand perched on the edge, threateningly. Then she squeals for food or snuggles, and if you don’t answer her quickly enough, she slides her paw down and flicks the poo off towards our bed. She’s such a punk! But she makes up for it in snuggles. And my dogs get excited to eat the few stray beans, blegh!

    • That’s awesome. I would love to catch the boys in the act. But they know the phone and camera and will hide. Give that cute GP a kiss from me. And tell her to keep up the good work. – KA

  2. Whee have become more sneaky with our beans. Our favourite thing is to release a casual few as whee are being returned to our cage so that the hoomans end up with a nice trail from sofa to cage! Another one is to climb onto the hoomans shoulder, turn and nuzzle her cheek and then release a few beans down her back. The amount she finds encrusted into her elbow continues to grow!!


    • We love that! You pigs are an inspiration! – F&L

  3. I had a piggy sitting on a table, who, when a few of us were sitting around that table walked around to a particular person, backed up and peed on her! I told her that Dewey (our piggy) was marking her for himself!

    • Alfalfa used to do that to the vets…only the vets. – ka

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