Posted by: kerryannekay | March 4, 2015

A Quick Vent Session

I need to vent.  It sleeted on Sunday.  On top of ½ inch of sleet there was freezing rain.  That quickly made the sleet freeze and created an ice rink.   I’ve just gotten done with two hours of calculus homework.  It’s an ice rink outside…again.  I fell on Sunday.  I fell on Monday.  I fell today when I got home from school.  My butt hurts.  My brain hurts.  Did I mention there is a nasty storm on the way for Wednesday night into Thursday?  I am tired of the winter.  It is March for goodness sake.  Finally, to add to my misery, the boys are set on destroying their cage and anything in it.

There are bean everywhere in their area.  I just cleaned!  Seriously boys…I just cleaned that.  I know you were expecting a full blog today.  But, that’s just not in the cards.  My internet is down again from the ice.  And this is being typed on my phone.  If the current forecast holds, I don’t think we will have school on Thursday.  I will write another blog for this week to tell you about the alleged ‘ghosts’ in our wall here from last week.  I know, the boys sent out a help message.  They were just as scared as I was.  They were scared of the noise.  I was scared of water flooding the apartment.  Till Thursday…  – KA



  1. Could you send some snow to us here in Nebraska? We haven’t had much this Winter and the farmers would appreciate the moisture! In the meantime – do you think the boys’ beans could be used in place of salt or snow on the ice? You could make a lot of money from those beans. Good luck and stay inside!

    • Sure. You can have it all! – KA

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