Posted by: kerryannekay | February 25, 2015


Dear Cavy Adventure Fans,

Help us!  Code red!  Code blue!  Code yellow!  We are locked in our area writing this blog for our mom.  She called the maintenance guy.  He showed up and the bathroom started making lots of noise.  No joke.  We thought that she and the maintenance guy may be performing an exorcism in there.  Then, MG1 left and MG 2, 3, and 4 showed up!   MG1 came back, said some words, and all four of them went in there.  When the door closed, the bathroom started making more noise!

Mom wasn’t happy and started to speak bad human words.  She said, “Son of a monkey’s uncle” several times in combination with “ducking pipes” and “bean of a situation”.  When she walked over to us she said, “Boys, we don’t have hot water.  The ducking pipes are frozen.  The maintenance guys are working on it…  I know the noises are loud, but it’s ok…  It’s only the pipes.”

Right after she tried to comfort us, MG1 and MG4 went running out of the house!  We think the ghosts in our bathroom scared them off.  We were scared!  Then there was a bunch of banging on the walls in the living room!  We were huddleD down hiding from all of the bad noises.

Right now, we are just hoping that all of the MGs go away and we have no more ghosts.  Mom is yelling at MG1:  “There is no ducking way you are going to use that son of a monkey’s uncle blow torch in this bean of a bathroom.  You’re going to burn down my bean hole of a house!”  We think the situation is going to get more serious.  We need to sign off and hunker down.  We are preparing for an evacuation.  We will save our mom.  Wish us luck.

– Fred and Lamont

P.S. – If you don’t hear from us by next Tuesday, the ghosts have gotten us OR MG1 has burnt down our house… Help…



  1. Oh no! Can you get to a phone and call for help? Get the Holy Water Lady from across the hall, maybe she can get rid of the ghosts. I hope you do not have to evacuate, if so , be sure to find a safe warm place to go with your mom. Good luck boys!! (close your ears when mom is using those bad human words – poor thing is so frustrated)

    • We are now safe! Holy Lady was no use. – F&L

  2. Oh dear!! This is not good
    Call Holy Water Lady, she can help with the exorcism whee are sure!

  3. So happy all is well and you did not have to evacuate!

    • Mom is telling us we may get a bath. Help! – F&L

  4. Not a bath… you better make a run for it!

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