Posted by: kerryannekay | February 18, 2015

Oh, Brother…

Fred and Lamont have not been enjoying this winter.  I don’t understand why.  They have it easy:  warm snuggle sacks, lots of food, greens twice a day, unlimited water, and me.  What else could you want?  In addition to all of the wonderful amenities, the boys have each other.  What more could they want in life? I only ask one thing of my two lovely guinea pigs:  try to get along with each other.  Don’t get me wrong, they do.  But they are brothers.  As brothers, they have their moments.  Today was a good example.

I was sitting on my couch watching television.  Fred and Lamont were both sleeping in their own snuggle sacks.  Fred woke up and sauntered over to the water bottle.  Fred likes to saunter around he’s up to no good.  “Fred,” I called from the couch.  He looked up and met my gaze.  “I see how you are walking around…leave your brother alone.”  I knew I was talking to the wall with my warning.  Once Fred gets on a tear, there is no stopping him.

"TV loving GP..."


Fred turned around and walked over to Lamont’s sack.  He sauntered past it and around to the side.  Lamont let out a little purr of warning at his brother.  He had played this game and knew what was in his brother’s bag of tricks.  I watched Fred climb on top of Lamont’s sack.  With the pressure of the first paw, Lamont began to whine at his brother.  He was warm and would not give up his spot.

The noise didn’t deter Fred.  He climb on top of Lamont’s sack and began to make himself comfortable.  Poor Lamont didn’t like getting trampled under the ample weight of his brother.  After several crushing moments, Lamont abandoned his sack.  He chattered his teeth as he left to let Fred know he was displeased.  Lamont went to the other sack and got comfortable.  Fred had won.

Several minutes later I noticed Fred in the sack he was sitting on top of.  I thought the situation was resolved.  Nope.  Lamont saw his opportunity to strike back.  Lamont walked over to the sack Fred was in and climbed on top of it.  Fred didn’t like it.  He began to chatter his teeth in protest to Lamont sitting on top of him.  “Well,” I called to Fred, “You did it to him first…  You started it, dude.”

Fred got out of the sack and turned on Lamont.  The boys started the ‘Who’s nose is higher?’ game with each other.  “Boys,” I called, “cut it out!”  They weren’t listening to me.  “Boys!” I called louder as the chatter and teeth gnawing grew in volume.  I had one phrase that could stop their bickering and make them united as one.  I called, “You two want a snack?”

There was immediate silence.  Both boys exchanged looks and ran out their cage to my feet.  “Yes, I said ‘snack’,” I repeated.  A new chorus overtook my ears.  The boys began to wheek at me begging for the promised snack.  “Ok,” I laughed.  I got up and retrieved two large leafs of romaine lettuce.  The boys pounced on their snack the moment I put it down.  Peace was restored.

"We love each other..." - F&L

“We love each other…” – F&L

Ten minutes later, Lamont was back in his original sack sound asleep.  Fred finished up his final bites and went back into the cage area.  He looked over and saw Lamont sleeping.  “Dude,” I called to him, “Go into your own sack…  Leave your brother alone.”  Fred huffed at Lamont as he passed as if to say, “Next, time…” and went into his own sack for a nap.  “Thank you!” I called from the couch.  I then added, “You two are such brothers…”



  1. Whee have that here sometimes! When whee are having an argument Mummy will rustle a bag or open the fridge door and all of a sudden whee abandon our disagreement! It’s a pretty good deal if you ask us

    • Personally, we think it’s a conspiracy… – F&L

  2. You boys have got a sneaky plan to get treats – just start bickering with each other and Mom will break it up by giving you a snack! You are way too smart for your own good! (We know that you really love each other and your Mom!)

    • What?? Us??? We are innocent! – F&L

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