Posted by: kerryannekay | February 4, 2015

An Interview with the Boys

Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered ‘What the heck are they thinking?’  Or even, ‘Why did you react like that?’  Well, I have quite often with Fred and Lamont. I decided to sit down with my two guinea pigs and get them to set the record straight.


Q:  “Why do you react like something has exploded when I drop my pen?”

Fred:  “It’s a really loud noise.  It scares me.  I have to protect myself.”

Lamont:  “I don’t know.  All I hear is ‘boooom’ and I run…”


Q: “Why don’t you two share most of your stuff?”

Fred:  “Share?  We have you as a mom.  If we argue enough you’ll just buy a second of whatever was involved to shut us up.”

Lamont:  “We don’t need to share.  We have two of everything…”


Q: “Why are guinea pigs so obsessed with poop?”

Fred:  “Poop is life.”
Lamont:  “I don’t know.  I like my poop.”


Q:  “Do guinea pigs live by any kind of philosophy?”

Fred:  “Yes.  Poop is life.”

Lamont: “Yes.  In one end; out the other.”


Q:  “Is Lamont / Are you a wimp?”

Fred:   “Ahhh, ya…  Why do you think I have to make sure the coast is clear for him all the time?”

Lamont:  “A what?  I am not a wimp.  I’ll prove it to you…  “FRED!!!!””


Q:  “What is the highlight of your day?”
Fred:  “When you feed us.”

Lamont:  “Nap times.”


Q:  “What would your change about your current situation?”

Fred:  “Nothing… Oh, wait! Sows.  We need sows…”

Lamont:  “Not much.  Perhaps more hours in the day to nap…  24 just isn’t enough.  Can we make days 30 hours or more?”


Q:  “How many times a day do you poop?”
Fred:  “What is more than a lot?”

Lamont:  “That’s a bit of a personal question…  But, I would say a lot…”

Q:  “Do you love your brother?”

Fred:  “Yea.  Who else would I bother?  I mean, my life would be so boring without him.”

Lamont:  “Yes.  He protects me and has taught me so much.  What would I do without him?”



As you can tell from my brief interview with the boys, they have a deep appreciation for naps, food, poop, and each other.  But you can tell that they are goofballs.  So, I would take their responses with a grain of salt.

I’m sorry the blog couldn’t be longer.  My contract with the boys would only allow me to interview them in blocks of 15 minutes.  Then I was required to give them a 4 hour break with fresh hay, fresh water, lots of greens, and a newly fluffed cozy.  I was going to give in to that…  But then I realized I already do that for them…  They have me trained.  See you next wheek!



  1. I love your boys and their honest interview. They are both very wise – I agree we all need more hours to sleep! They certainly do have their mom well trained. Thanks for sharing your boys with their fans.

    • Thank you for your comment. They are a silly pair. – KA

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