Posted by: kerryannekay | December 19, 2014

An Open Letter

Dear Fred and Lamont’s Fans,

It has recently come to my attention that Fred and Lamont have been involved in some internet shenanigans.  I didn’t know that the boys were talking to other guinea pigs and suggesting that they misbehave.  I have taken down the ‘Creative Bean Stacking” and the “Sexy Sows of the Holidays” websites.  Please talk with your guinea pigs and ask them not to post to these sites.  All that does is encourage the boys more. In addition, I have been receiving picture, text, and chats from your guinea pigs…

Guinea pig sows, you are partially responsible for this situation too…  Please stop sending pictures of your ample rumps to the boys.  I wake up and find 126 pictures of your butts.  Not the most pleasant morning greeting for me.  Just think of the scandal for you if those pictures got out on the internet…

I also want to know who the sow is leaving the voice messages on my phone for the boys.  All I hear is “squeak, squeak, rumble, rumble, rumble…” in all of the messages.  I’ve gotten 35 messages for the boys this week alone! If you want to talk to the boys, please unblock your number and leave a real message.

Guinea pig boars, you are also causing some issues…  Please stop sending pictures of your beans artfully arranged beans in odd places.  Seriously, it’s just poop.  And no, the boys will not send you autograph pictures of the ‘poop pyramid’.  Speaking of pictures, I don’t want you sending Fred and Lamont of your carrot juice parties.  I don’t like seeing pictures of you toasting the boys with a tall glass of carrot juice.  You are helping support their juice habit.  I don’t want them to become juice-a-holics.

I would like to thank all of Cavy Adventures fans for reading this letter.  I am sure that we can work together to resolve some of the internet issues caused by all involved.  I have spoken to Fred and Lamont regarding the problems.  They have promised to behave.  We will see…


– Kerry Anne



  1. hehe, cute letter 🙂 Better behave, F&L – or Santa won’t bring you carrots!

    • They are going to get coal with the way they behave. – KA

  2. Sounds like the boys went back in the archives and read about some of Alfalfa’s shenanigans. 3:)

  3. I’m relieved to hear that no capybaras were involved in this scandal!

    • Uhhmmmm… Are you sure about that? – KA

  4. Dear Miss Kerry Anne,

    Whee regret to inform you that whee are only behaving till Pigmas. After that, efurrything is fair game! Now where are these Sexy Sows of the Holidays . . .

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Pigs! I’ve take down that website. Also, does your mom know you have taken over her computer? I’m going to squeek on you! – KA

      • She’s at work. She will never guess a thing!!

        The Hutch Boy Rebels!

  5. Shocking – just shocking! These boys seem so sweet and innocent. I think Kristy is right that they are trying to follow in Alfalfa’s footsteps! Does Santa know about this? Good luck with your boys!

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