Posted by: kerryannekay | November 6, 2014

Stinky Butt Syndrome

All parents of male guinea pigs will tell you that they tend to smell funky very quickly.  It is especially bad for unneutered pigs.  I am fortunate that Fred and Lamont are neutered.  However, they can build up quite the funk very quickly.  On Tuesday, I smelled the boys before I saw them.  It was time for the ever dreaded butt-bath…

Fred was the first to get scooped up.  He whined at me.  When that didn’t work he started chattering his teeth at me.  I told him, “You have no idea what’s going on, do you?  You are just going to complain and threaten me because this is inconvenient for you, huh…”  Fred let out a small hiss as we walked over to the sink.  I had prepared for the baths by tuning on the water and letting heat up.  Perhaps Fred heard the running water and knew what was coming.

I popped Fred’s butt under the warm water and he started to purr.  “Oh,” I remarked, “now you like it?”  I used baby shampoo to wash his waxy spot and all of his private parts.  When I was done, I toweled dried his backside.  As I walked back to the boys’ area, Lamont started to squeal.  I think he knew what was up.  “I think your brother knows he’s next…” I whispered into Fred’s ear.  He huffed at me.  I put Fred down and he took off.

Lamont was quickly kicked out of his hiding area by Fred.  “HA!” I said as I bent down and scooped him up.  I hate it when Lamont cries when I pick him up.  He acts like I’m trying to hurt him.  I’m not.  I’ve asked the vet about him crying.  The vet did a full physical.  There is nothing wrong.  The vet’s conclusion:  “Lamont is just a wimp…”

I walked over to sink and stuck Lamont’s butt under the running water. He jumped out of my hand, under the running water, and was immediately soaked.  “Mont!” I yelled a bit too late.  I scooped him back up and he ran up my front.  I was soaked.  “Lovely,” I said down to Lamont.  I pulled him off my chest and finished washing his backside.

When I was done, I put Lamont back into the boys’ area.  He chittered at me as he ran off to hide.  Looking down I saw that I was soaked.  I needed a bath.  As I went the bathroom, I wondered, ‘Who gave who a bath?’



  1. There is no way to bath a guinea pig without getting drenched! Trust me, I’ve tried. There’s always one that throws a strop and jumps out or wriggles free from the towel and leaps up your front.


    • Yeup. That is so true! – KA

  2. We do love our stinky butt boys!

    • Yes. But why are they soooo bad? – KA

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