Posted by: kerryannekay | October 29, 2014

Halloween 2014

It turned into a dark and spooky night,
When mom turned off the light.
Scary noises started to whine,
Mom said, “You’ll be just fine…”
She left the house,
And Lamont heard a noise that wasn’t a mouse.
“I wish she would stay,”
Lamont remarked as mom walked away.
But the noises kept on and on,
Lamont wished they’d just be gone.
He was on his own,
And then he heard a louder groan.
Lamont had no idea what to do.
“Fred, Fred, where are you?”
Fred was nowhere in sight,
Lamont was experiencing such fright.
He called again for his brother, “Fred!”
Then he thought his brother might be dead.
Lamont knew he had to be brave,
He’d search for Fred in their cave.
But then the noise came and were loud,
Lamont decided he wasn’t that proud.
He ran and ran away,
He’d live to see another day.
Lamont heard a loud groan,
And then he heard a loud moan.
Closer and closer it came,
Lamont couldn’t stay tame.
The sound was at the door,
Lamont couldn’t take it anymore.
He hid his head,
And heard another noise with dread.
The door opened and squeaked as it went,
Lamont screamed until he was spent.
Fred trotted into the house,
And Lamont called him a “Louse!”
“Get yourself in here,”
“There a goblin, I fear!”
From Fred’s stomach came a groan,
And Fred began to moan.
“Man,” he said,
“I’m so hungry, I feel dead!”
“Wait,” Lamont scream,
“I thought I was in a horrible dream!”
Fred went off to get some food,
Yes, Lamont thought he was an odd dude.
All was well again in the house,
All was as quiet as a mouse.
Fred was tucked in to his food,
And Lamont thought, ‘Boy that was rude!’

Happy Halloween to all!

Kerry Anne, Fred, and Lamont


  1. Great poem guys

    Happy Hallo-wheek!


    • Thanks! But we think mom makes too much of us! – F&L

  2. You had me scared there! Happy Halloween to you too!

    • Lack of food is scary! – Fred

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