Posted by: kerryannekay | October 16, 2014

Shopping for Fred and Lamont

With Fred and Lamont, I find myself going to the grocery store at least twice a week.  The employees at the local grocery store mostly know me and know that I have two hungry guinea pigs.  However, I do run across some employees at the checkout who don’t know about the boys.  Today was one of those days…

After I was done picking out all of the fresh veggies, lettuces, and fruits for the boys, I proceeded to the checkout line that was open.  A new girl greeted me as I laid my selection on the belt.  “Hello,” she said and smiled, “I see you brought your own bags…Thank you.”

“Hey,” I said handing her my bags, “Yeah, just put the cold stuff in the cold bag.”

“Wow,” she remarked, “You sure are a healthy eater.”  She said between key strokes, weighing, and beeps.

“Well,” I said looking at the floor, “It’s not for me…”

“Oh,” she said still working, “Making dinner for someone?”

“No,” I said without adding anything.

“You brining stuff to your parents’ house?” she asked stopping her scanning.

“No,” I said.

“Well,” she said stopping and putting both of her hands on her hips, “You’re not going to just throw it out… Are you?”

“Oh, no,” I said and admitted, “It’s all for my guinea pigs…”

“Oh,” she said and looked around, “All of it?”

“Yeah,” I sighed, “Fred and Lamont, my guinea pigs are big eaters.”

“Well,” she said grabbing the spring mix, “At least you can enjoy a nice salad with them.”

“Nope,” I sighed, “that’s for them too…”

“Did you get anything for yourself?” she asked.  We both looked down the convey belt to see the bag of potato chips at the end.  I looked up and gave her a sheepish grin.

As the bag moved down the conveyer I said, “Those are for me…”

She picked up the bag and held it for inspection, “50 grams of saturated fat per serving, huh…”

“Well, ok,” I said and grabbed the bag back from her.  “Perhaps, just perhaps, I don’t need them…”  The cashier shook her head no.  “Fine,” I sighed, “I’ll have a salad with the boys…”

The cashier smiled at me.  I finished my transaction and we said our goodbyes.

As I was walking out of the store I saw another teacher.  She saw my bags full of healthy good and exclaimed, “Wow, you are a good eater.”

The checkout incident came to mind.  “Yes,” I agreed, “Yes I am…”  I walked out of the store giggling to myself.

Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and leave the guinea pigs out of it.


  1. Oh, that is SO my grocery experience too! All the fresh, healthy organic stuff is for the gpigs!!! Hee.

    • And nothing for yourself? LOL. – KA

      • Potato chips, noodles, the cheap stuff. 😉

      • Sounds like me shopping for me. – KA

  2. Yeah, claim all the health to yourself, hehe! Veggies are nommy!
    The Pigs xx

    • What?! I love them too! – KA

  3. Mummy claims the same thing now. They are far less impressed when she says it’s for four hungry piggies!


  4. I must be lucky to have generous grinny pigs. When I buy a traffic light of peppers (the bags with a green, yellow and red one in it) they let me have the yellow pepper. They think yellow peppers are gross and they need their servant to be healthy too.
    I am also allowed to eat apple, because they don’t want a whole apple at once and when apples are cut they don’t stay fresh for long.
    I have great bosses!

    • My bosses let me do the apple thing also! I often wish for a different fruit at breakfast, but they insist it’s got to be an apple. 😉

      • Why not a banana? – KA

      • My bosses are really picky. The bananas have to be at a certain stage of ripeness – which seems to have a really narrow window – or else they’re summarily rejected.

      • Ha! I just tried bananas again with the boys. They had a few bites. It’s a start. – KA

    • Oh the boys don’t let me eat anything. You’re lucky. – KA

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