Posted by: kerryannekay | September 11, 2014

Fred’s Business

Each time I leave the house I can see Fred’s eyes looking at me.  He has this way of asking me with his eyes, “Where are you going mom?”  I’ve noticed that if I don’t tell him that I am leaving, where I’m going and when I’ll return he will complain.  Oh, and does he complain.  I can hear him wheeking as I walk up the stairs.  Boy does that guinea pig have a set of lungs on him!  This is a typical conversation I have with Fred before I leave the house:

Me:  *grabs purse and keys*

Fred:  *comes running out of cage into living room*

Me: “Ok, I’m on my way out of the house.”

Fred:  *huffs at me and tilts his head*

Me:  “Let me guess, you want to know where I’m going?  Right?”

"Looking over our kingdom!" - F&L

“Looking over our kingdom!” – F&L

Fred:  *Clicks*

Me:  “Ok, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment…  I’ll be back soon…”
Fred:  *wheeks loudly*

Me:  “What?  I may stop for dinner after…”

Fred:  *Tilts head to left and then right*

Me:  “Seriously?  You don’t believe me?”


Me:  “I am not having this conversation with you, young man!”
Fred:  *Wheek, wheek, wheek*

Me:  “What?  Now I have tell you everything?”

Lamont:  *chuffs from behind Fred*

Me:  “Oh, now your brother is involved.”

Fred:  *chuffs*

Me:  “I’m going now… see you later…”

Fred:  *dances in circles*

Me:  “That’s not going to help you get more information!  I’m the mom.  I’m the mom!”

As you can see, things are going well with training for the boys.  I think I’m starting to get the under control.  I’ve defiantly established myself as the alpha in the house.  The order of command is:  me, Fred, and then Lamont.  I think these two are fitting into life quite well.



  1. I love Fred and Lamont!

    • Oh, me too. I’m so happy to have them. – KA

  2. I think Alfalfa would approve of these boys!

    • I hope so. They are different but the same as him. I love them. – KA

  3. One of these days you’ll come home and there will be a card reader installed and you’ll HAVE to tell him everything or else he won’t grant you access to leave.

  4. Oh the order of command will soon shift. Whee piggies make sure of that! As such beautiful little animals we deserve to be at the top, right?
    The Pigs xx

    • But, but, that’s not fair! – KA

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