Posted by: kerryannekay | August 21, 2014

Welcome Home Fred and Lamont!

This is the first of many blogs featuring my new family members Fred and Lamont.  I have only had them one week in my life and there are already too many stories to tell.  So, let’s consider this blog the first in many new adventures with the new boys.

I’ll start when I picked up the boys.  My friend Alison and I drove down to south of Baltimore to Julie’s house.  The appointment for my meet was at seven pm.  The entire way down I was a bundle of nerves.  I was glad that Alison had drove because I wouldn’t have been a safe driver.  I kept wondering what would be the first thing I’d say to the boys.  So many questions ran through my mind:  Would they like me?  Were they sweet?  Did they look just like their pictures?  What were their favorite foods?  Most of all I wondered:  Would they accept me as their new mom?

"Family Selfie!"

“Family Selfie!”

My plan was to introduce myself to them, talk for a while, and then ask if I could be their mom.  When I got to Julie’s house she showed me around and offered to let me hold Fred and Lamont.  After some business, I sat down with a towel on my lap and was handed Fred then Lamont.  I broke into tears.  They were so beautiful.  I started to talk to them.  I told them my name, I told them that they were so cute, and I told them I wanted to be their mom.

These two bundles of fur in my lap were my babies.  I sat there and promised to never leave them, to always love them, and most of all to treat them like the royalty they were. I know it sounds stupid but I believe that when I asked to be the boys mom they said yes to me.  I could see it in their eyes.  They were scared but trusting. They knew I was there to love them, to protect them, and to be their mom.

I took Fred and Lamont home in their new carrier.  It was a bit of a long ride.  We got lost looking for a ‘quicker’ route and wound up taking a tour of several parts of Baltimore.  Fred and Lamont expressed their displeasure in the road crews of Baltimore each time we hit a substantial pot hole.  They would chuff or wheek at the bumps.  At one point in time I think Fred was responding to the GPS system’s instructions saying with his rumble, “I know that’s not the right way, turn left…not right…” But, eventually, we found I95 and made it back home.

"Fred  & Lamont's Official Pigtrait"

“Fred & Lamont’s Official Pigtrait”

When I got home, I placed Fred and Lamont in their new home and let them explore while I made dinner.  I heard them both putting out ‘curiosity pings’ as they walked about the cage.  As I walked over to the cage with food I called, “Fred!  Lamont! Dinner time!”  They both started squeaking.  I put the food in the cage and they dove in face first.  “Who’s my hungry, hungry piggys?” I asked.  Of course they were busy chowing down on their meal.

As I got ready for bed that night I walked over to the boys cage.  Fred was popcorning around and Lamont was following his lead.  Fred would jump and then Lamont would follow him.  I stood there and stared at the site of two happy rescued guinea pigs.  I started to cry again.  What a wonderful site.  “Good night my boys,” I called softly before turning off the living room light.  “I’m your mom and I’ll always be here in the morning for you… I promise.”


Author’s Note:  As some of you may have noticed, I am changing the page to “Cavy Adventures”.  It is the new name for an Adventure that started long ago.  Some of you also may be wondering if the boys have started to give me problems like Alfalfa.  Well, their personalities take time to develop in a new situation.  In fact it can take a guinea pig 6 to 8 weeks to truly feel comfortable with a new home.  But don’t worry, their personalities have started to come out.   And yes, I’m in for a bit of trouble… I don’t think they are going to give me the same challenges as Alfalfa but they will challenge me.  My two most common phrases uttered around them right now are:  “Leave your bother alone…” and “Where exactly is your brother?”  So trust me, the Adventures are coming.  The focus of my next several blogs will be about them getting comfortable, getting to know their personalities, and keeping them out of trouble.  I already have several silly stories about what they have been up to this past week: they fling beans, they mount each other, and the popcorning is out of control during floor time.  But that’s another several stories…


  1. I love the blog name.

  2. Whee love the blog name, it’s pawesome! Whee can’t wait to get to know our new piggy buddies even better. Our Mummy thinks they look gorgeous!
    Mop, Dusty, Billy, Pip, Cupcake and Cocoa xx

  3. Sweet how they immediately react to “Dinner time”. I always call “Roomservice!” and that works here but I’m going to try “Dinner time!” as well.

  4. So happy for you and your adorable babies! I’m sure Alfalfa is smiling from his place in Heaven.

  5. Hello Fred and Lamont! You are both very handsome. 🙂

  6. They are adorable. I am sure you will all be a loving family for a long time.

  7. Thank you! You guys aww awesome too! – KA

  8. Me too! – KA

  9. They should be on television!

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