Posted by: kerryannekay | July 2, 2014

My Dearest Alfalfa

My Dearest Alfalfa,

This past Sunday you left this world in my arms.  At that moment I lost you, I lost a piece of my heart.  You were not a pet to me; you were my family.

I loved each of your flaws.  They were what made you who you were.  But, most of all your flaws are what made you so perfect to me.  On the other hand, I can’t help thinking that you were a pain in the ass some days.  But, I think those days were your best days.  You showed me how unique and strong-willed you could be.  I am grateful for each of those challenges you threw at me.

My Love

My Love

Your life started off badly.  I tried each day to make you the most spoiled guinea pig in the world.  I think I may have accomplished that…  You had all you needed and more.  I am grateful I had you to spoil.

You know, Alfalfa, I look back on our time together and it warms my heart.  I am grateful for the time I had you.  I wish our time together could have been longer.  But, I will treasure each day that I had you.

Thank you for all that you have given me.  I love you.  I will miss you each day.  Your legacy will live on in my heart.

Your Mom,

Kerry Anne


What Happened?


Over the past year, Alfalfa was fighting a chronic upper respiratory infection (URI) and sinus infection.  Alfalfa would start sneezing when a sinus infection set in.  I would immediately take him to the vet for medicine.  Generally, that medicine cleared it up.  However, several times he needed a stronger medicine as the sinus infection had spread to a URI.  Luckily, the medicines were able to clear the URIs.

On Saturday, I came home from Las Vegas.  Alfalfa was completely normal.  He got a good report from Grandpa about his behavior and his eating.  I went to bed on Saturday exhausted.  On Sunday, I woke up and Alfalfa was breathing heavy and making noises.  I immediately took him to the vet.   At the vet he was given a strong medicine.  I took him home and began to hand feed and water him as he had stopped eating.

At about 10 pm, I took Alfalfa out to give him some water and food.  As he lay on the bed he had several bad seizures.  It was then I decided he was in a lot of pain and too sick.  I went upstairs to ask my Dad to drive me to vet.  My parents kissed him and said their goodbyes.  When I was waiting downstairs for a ride, Alfalfa had a final seizure and passed in my arms.


The Future

 First, the big question is:  What is next for Alfalfa’s Adventures?  Well, first the blog will continue.  Alfalfa was my greatest muse but not my only one.  Life is full of many adventures I would love to share with you.  I have some great stories from Las Vegas.  (Yes, what happened there will not stay there…)  Also, there are several other animals at my parent’s house I’d love to share with you.  I have discovered that I love writing.  I want to continue doing it.

Next, I will rescue another guinea pig or two when I’m ready.  I had planned on getting Alfalfa a buddy by then end of the summer.  I plan to adopt from a local rescue.  I was looking forward to welcoming a second guinea pig into the house.  Imagine the terror two could have caused…  I giggle at the thought.  I will take you through the adoption process with me on the blog.  I plan on asking for the pigs that are hard to adopt out.  Apparently, I am a bit of a specialist with ‘problem’ pigs.

Finally, I will need your help to make some decisions:  Like, what will the new pigs be called?  Should I keep the name “Alfalfa’s Adventures” or rename it?  Should I adopt one, two, or three pigs? Am I crazy for asking for a pig like Alfalfa? Should the new pigs be able to free-range the house?  What kind of things should I buy for the new pigs?  You see, there are still a lot of decisions to make…


Life is an adventure.  I hope you will join me on my new adventure.  



  1. May your future adventures be grand. I am sad for your loss but glad that you have chosen to continue writing and rescuing and continuing Alfalfa’s legacy. *hugs*

  2. Alfalfa’s Adventures-love goes on sounds about right? ((hugs))

  3. Don’t we all wish our furkids to have a peaceful end? Alas URI’s are a common cause of goodbye. All I can be glad for is that he passed away in your arms. It is so important to have that final farewell. To still give that little last bit of love before the final journey. Once I left my sweet boy Kahless at the vet hoping to see him again in half an hour. I never forgave myself leaving him.

    I do think that the new ones should be able to free roam. It is wonderful to have guinea pigs running around. It is one thing I strongly dislike about the slippery floor I have now. But I learned that at first they need to be fenced in a week or so to learn about their surroundings. To know what is good pee-able surface and what is not. So far my experiences with guinea pigs is that they do potty train themselves, but it is a little bit with trial and error of learning the bad feeling of getting soggy paws a few times.

  4. Kerry Anne, I’m glad you are going to continue with the blog, so many of us love reading it. You really do have a talent for writing! As far as the name goes, a slight change might be in order. I think the “Alfalfa” part should stay, as it is he was the inspiration behind it all. His legacy should live on…. How about Alfalfa’s Ark?

  5. I shall honour the memory of Alfalfa and his many adventures, and continue to support your blog. You’ve both made me smile many times.

    Perhaps the blog could now be called “Alfalfa’s Legacy”?

    • That’s a great idea. I’ll add it to the list. – KA

  6. Alfalfa was so lucky to have ended up in your loving care. We all know that we are the ones who are lucky, though, right? They are so special and Alfalfa was no exception. I am so sorry he left so soon. His memory will live on in your heart forever, Kerry.

    • He was my dude. I loved him sooo much! – KA

  7. So sorry to hear about Alfalfa, we will miss him. I would strongly suggest you get 2 piggies. Along time ago before I knew about rescue’s I bought my son a guinea pig, Chocolate. We let him out every night for play time but I felt guilty that he may be lonely, so we got another piggy.(Chip). Well when Chocolate saw Chip he wheeked like you have never heard a guinea pig wheek, he was so excited to have a friend. I was in tears, I had done the right thing.. Good luck and looking forward to hearing about your new family 🙂

    • I wish A would have taken to another GP. I tried and was going to try again this summer. – KA

  8. Alfalfa and I had so much in common, it is hard to say goodbye. I want to keep reading your animal stories, but you have a pretty good cast of human characters, too. I don’t think you should feel you have to change anything now, just accept that it will evolve with time.

    • Oh, Dobby, I love you too! – KA

  9. […] My Dearest Alfalfa. […]

    • Thank you for your support. – KA

  10. Very glad to read that you intend to carry on writing, you definitely have a real gift for it ( have you ever thought about writing children’s books?…perhaps about a guinea pig?!)….as for changes…take each day as it comes.. I’m a firm believer that all will become clear on decisions we have to make in life when the time is right for those decisions to be made. Good luck with whatever you decide and I look forward to reading about your next adventures ! X

    • Thanks. I actually think I suck at writing… But I’m always hard in myself. Thanks for your support. – KA

  11. Whee are so very sorry for your loss. This is actually what whee lost Nutty to about this time last year so it really does break our hearts reading this.

    Whee think you should leave the name as Alfalfa’s Adventures in his memory and whee are glad to hear you are going to get some more piggies when you are ready.

    If you ever need somefurry to talk to whee are always here

    Nacho. Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Dudes,
      Thanks for your support. I’m going up have a pole on the name. I’ve gotten many good ideas from many GP! I will add yours to the list. – KA

  12. Looking forward to Alfalfa Mommy adventure. ((hugs))

    • Life will go in. He’s in my heart. I loved him like a child. – KA

  13. Oh I’m soo sorry for your loss! Alfalfa was such a character. He will live on in the hearts of his fans too.
    Your writing is so descriptive & often funny, I’m glad you will continue. I look forward to hearing more of your adventures, animal or otherwise. I think you should get at least 2 guinea pigs to keep each other company.
    I agree with others that Alfalfa’s name should stay in the blog title as a befitting tribute him.
    Can’t tell you how sorry I am, I’m in tears. I send you comforting hugs at this sad time. Thank you for giving Alfalfa a fantastic home for the last few years. I know he was happy. Be well, Kerry Anne.

    • Thank you. I’m still thinking about the name. About the pig, I plan to adopt at the end of the summer. – KA

  14. I’ve followed you from nearly the start and this breaks my heart. I’d love to help by sending photos and what not. Kerry Anne, take care of yourself, we are all here for you ❤

    • Thank you for your kind words. You can write a guest blog if you’d like. I’ll have an email soon for the page. – KA

  15. […] While whee are on the subject of naughtiness and guinea pigs whee have the sad news that THE original naughty piggy Alfalfa himself passed away recently and whee would very much appreciate if you could go and leave your condolences for his hooman who misses him very much – here. […]

  16. So sorry to hear of your loss,it breaks your heart,but I am glad you are carrying on,xx Speedy and Rachel

  17. Sorry to hear about your loss. We have never had piggies, but have learned about them from Hutch.

    • Thank you. This is an end. A new story will begin soon. – is

  18. I’m so sorry that beautiful, spirited Alfalfa is gone. He was a special and well-loved boy.

    • Thank you. There will be others when I’m ready. Stay tuned. – KA

  19. I am so sorry for your loss and hope that you will soon find a sweet one to adopt and bless as much as your sweet Alfalfa.
    We just adopted a little boy named Gus and he is filling our hearts with joy.

    • Oh, Gus sounds great. I’m taking a bit off then I’ll adopt two or three GP. Thank you for your comment. – KA

  20. I came to your blog via hutchagoodlife. I am crying right now; your words moved me that much. I have 4 piggies. Daisy, Snuggles, Cinnamon and Snuggles. Peaches – Snuggles Sister, died last year from a respiratory infection and just missed her second birthday. I miss her so much, even now, she was a best friend to me and we were very close. The next day I got all my other piggies checked over. As Daisy and Cinnamon and Snuggles’s babies, they are all related. The vet discovered Snuggles had a tumor that had to be removed. Tests reveal she has an enlarged heart and spot on her lung and every day is a blessing. Shortly after, my mum had pneumonia and went to hospital – She thankfully recovered. I tucked my pigs into bed before I went to visit mum at night. When I got back the next day, Cinnamon’s face was swelled up like a tennis ball and he had to have emergency surgery as he had an absess. Daisy had lumps and had to have those removed, then a few weeks later, more removed. Thankfully they were lypomas. Cinnamon has lumps on his tummy that I have to keep my eye on. Snow is one year younger and from a farm. She lives with Snuggles after Peaches passsing.

    • I am sorry for your loss. Keep fighting for them. Alfalfa had a double mastectomy. He had breast cancer.

      With the blog there are more good times than bad. I share my stories and my heart when I write. I’ve applied and been approved to adopt two guinea pigs from a local rescue. So the story will go on. Keep reading. The story will go on. Thank you for your comment and support. – KA

      • That’s great news. My Cinnamon has lumps in his stomach and under at least one nipple. Last time I took him to see a vet, which was a while ago, the vet said they are probably lypomas like his sister’s. One has got a bit bigger. It’s hard to tell. He is still rushing around the cage like normal. He has got a few lumps and they do worry me a bit, but it’s genetic.

      • Yes it can be genetic. Keep an eye on them. But don’t be afraid to get them removed if needed. – KA

      • Lumps are genetic with my 3 as they are from the same family. Apart from my fourth, Snow. Cinnamon has a ton of lumps on his belly. I spent a ton of money on 3 of them having ops from Oct – Jan this year (a lot of my savings are gone). They are more important than money, I just have to be careful not to run out of money, otherwise, I won’t have a home for me or them.

      • Oh I know that strain of money versus love. I hope you have a good vet that will work with you. – KA

      • Each operation, with lab tests, costs £300 – £400. Daisy’s last such operation was £435. Then a follow up. (One operation before, she bust open her stitches and it was over £150 more to sew them back up, plus the consultation fees and check ups.) Because she had to remove a nipple and half of her stomach, he apparently should have charged me double £435.

      • Ouch. – ka

      • Hmmm! Yes. Snuggles has a wart right now and Cinnamon has a fair few lumps that he has had for months, I have to keep feeling them.

      • Oh my. I hate lumpy pigs. That is the worse. – KA

      • His tummy feels like a crocodile’s skin but he is adorable. I have to clean my piggies out in a min, and it’s 03.26am.

      • You are dedicated. – KA

      • Yep. I piggie cleaning out time again and work in a few hours. Forgot to tell you they are spinach addicts too. Even the spinach addiction clinic won’t accept them – It’s great for destroying free radicals so I don’t mind. One of Daisy’s lumps disappeared. I wish Cinnamon’s would. I worry about him. He is the king of this castle.

      • That’s funny. Just watch out how much spinach they get. It has a lot of calcium. – KA

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