Posted by: kerryannekay | June 12, 2014

A Lesson From the Bath

Alfalfa hates baths.  My last guinea pig, Petey was even worse.   I don’t know what happened to Petey before I rescued him to make him have a bad reaction to water.  He would shake with terror during the entire bath. I had to make sure I kept one hand on him at all times. I would talk softly and work quickly.



After his bath I would wrap him up in a towel and hold him.  I would tell him how good and brave he was for taking a bath.  He would slowly calm down and relax.  Quite often, I would sob for him as I walked around comforting him.  What could someone do to make an innocent animal react like that?  I think my strength was the only thing that allowed Petey to get through his baths.

I believe that there is a reason why both Petey and Alfalfa found me.  I rescued both from bad situations.  Both had horrible habits that no normal person would deal with.  Both had tricky medical situations.  Petey was abused.  Alfalfa was neglected.



Most people would have taken both to the local animal shelter after the first day.  But I stuck it. I don’t know what kept me going.  No, I’m not fishing for compliments or sympathy.  I am simply saying that there is a reason they found their ways to me.  But even more, I think that I needed them in my life.  They have given me so much.

I am a better, stronger, more compassionate, and more loving person from my experience with them.  I have felt their pain.  I have seen them grow.  I have nursed them during sickness. I have experienced the joy of their popcorns.  I have shown them endless love.

You know what?  I am the one who is lucky.  I am the one who is blessed.  I am their mom.


  1. Such a sweet post – thanks for sharing 🙂 Even with my relatively normal pigs I feel like I have learned so much. And now my rescue dogs are really teaching me patience! Thank you for saving these special animals. Petey is SO cute!

    • Thank you. It’s short but from the heart. I cried the entire time writing it. I so lucky. Thank you again. – KA

  2. What a lovely post….the world would be a whole lot better if there were more sweet souls like yourself in the world….love your blog always puts a smile on my face x

    • Thank you. I do try to show love and compassion to all I meet. It’s hard sometimes. I appreciate the feed back. It helps keep me going and writing. This blog did start off to be funny but it changed the second paragraph. Sometimes things just happen. Thank you again. – KA

  3. With as much character as Alfalfa has I know he is creating many memories that will be treasured for years to come.

    • He will. He’s so great to have in my life. I’m so lucky. – KA

  4. This one is lovely. I like many others, love your blog. Alfalfa is a trip, isn’t he? Your writing is very good, so expressive. You bring it all to life in my mind! Do you teach English? And I can tell you’re a sensitive soul, KerryAnne. Keep writing and long live King Alfalfa!

    • Oddly enough, I’m a physics teacher! I started the blog to help my writing. I write from the heart. I’m glad you can see that. Thank you for the comment. It’s things like this that make me want to write more. I love my butt-head. Thanks again! – KA

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