Posted by: kerryannekay | March 13, 2014

Brain Freeze

The weather has finally started to warm up around my house.  With the warmth some of the pleasures the season has returned.  One of my favorites is the ice cream truck.  Oh, that tinny sounding music that plays a bit too loud and a bit too many times does something to my heart each time I hear it.  It brings back wonderful memories and draws me closer and closer.  I am powerless to stop myself.  I will dig through my purse for a couple of dollars and mindless wander towards the song of summer treats.  Watch note brings the promise of cold, wonderful sweetness.

Monday was the first day I heard the ice cream truck in a long time.  I grabbed my money and went out to await my first taste of the summer season.  I was in luck!  It was the good truck…the truck with the soft serve ice cream.  I sighed in anticipation of my first taste of soft serve.  I wasn’t the only one that was lured by the song of treats.  The other adults and children of my apartment complex began to line the sidewalks of the parking lot.  Each was staking out their own area making a silent bet that the truck would stop directly in front of them.  That would put them first in line for the first truck of the season.

"If you can't find me, you can't give me a bath..." - A

“If you can’t find me, you can’t give me a bath…” – A

I watched the truck drive past me towards the top of the complex.  I joined the group of people walking up the hill following the slowly moving truck.  We were all ice cream zombies following the greatest food source.  I stood in line and patiently waited.  I could read the menu… ice pops, fudge pops, soft serve cones, sundaes…  Oh, I couldn’t wait.  Finally, it was my turn.  I ordered a vanilla ice cream cone with strawberry toppings and a frozen dark chocolate banana.  I would save the banana for after dinner.  After all, I didn’t want to spoil my appetite for dinner…too badly.  I walked back to my apartment with both treasures in my hands.  It was turning out to be a good day.

I will admit that my ice cream handling and eating skills were a bit rusty.  As I went to open my door, the soft serve ice cream fell off of the cone.  *plop* was all I heard as it hit the welcome mat in front of my door.  “Oh, no…” was all that escaped my mouth as I looked down at the cold goodness.  ‘What a waste,’ I thought.  In the distance I heard the quickly fading music and gave up all hope of a new ice cream cone.  I sighed at the lost treasure.  I opened the door and went to get my cleaning supplies.  “Hey, dude,” I sighed as I walked past Alfalfa.  I put the frozen banana and the partially filled cone in the freezer.  I grabbed the cleaning supplies and a plastic bag from under the kitchen sink.

I had left the apartment door open when I entered knowing I had to soon return to clean the mess.  I walked out and immediately saw the white ice cream, the bits of red strawberry sauce, and a black guinea pig.  Alfalfa was going to town on the ice cream.  “Dude,” I admonished, “Not only is that not good for you, but you’re eating it too fast…  You’re going to get a brain freeze…”

Alfalfa looked up at me.  He had a full beard of ice cream.  “Oh,” I giggled, “that’s silly…  Let me get my camera…”  As I turned, I heard Alfalfa sneeze. *sneeze* I called back, “I told you…  you’re going to get a brain freeze…”  The first sneeze unleashed damn of sneezes.  Alfalfa began to repeatedly sneeze.  *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* “You ok?” I called looking for my camera.  *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze*  All I got back was another bunch of sneezes.  *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze*  I was a bit concerned.

I walked back out into the hallway to see Alfalfa furiously trying clean the ice cream off of his face.  *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze*  “Dude,” I giggled, “I think you are the first guinea pig to have a brain freeze…”  Then my amusement turned to concern.  Alfalfa managed to track ice cream all over the place.  “Oh, dude,” I sighed, “You’ve made a mess…”  *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze*  I stated to clean the main mess forgetting about my ambition to capture this moment on camera.  *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze*

"I hate baths... See?" - A

“I hate baths… See?” – A

“I would tell you to put your thumb on the top of your mouth to stop the brain freeze…but…” I joked with him.  *sneeze*  That was the end.  His brain freeze was over.  “All done?” I asked.  Alfalfa huffed at me.  Clearly he was not amused.  “I warned you…” I said as he walked by and back into the house.  He got to his rug and plopped down.  I finished cleaning the mess in the hallway.  Alfalfa was out cold on his rug.  “Well,” I said to my sleeping pig, “that was silly.  Just wait until you wake up and I have to give you a bath…”  Alfalfa’s head popped up and he took off like a shot towards his hiding spot under the bed.  “What?” I called after him, “All I said was BATH!”  He wasn’t having any part of that… Oh, the joys of the season.



  1. Silly Alfafa! Whee do sympathise with the bath situation though, washes are truly horrible – euck! Hope you manage to get an ice cream again soon, our Mummy loves ice cream but the truck never comes here…
    Mop, Dusty, Billy, Pip and Cupcake xx

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