Posted by: kerryannekay | January 15, 2014

Annoying Alfalfa – Preview

Annoying Alfalfa Preview

I love Alfalfa.  But I will be the first person to tell you that living with a free-ranging guinea pig is not the easiest thing.  He has some annoying habits.  Here are some of them:

Whisker Me – Alfalfa likes to walk up close to my leg and rub his whiskers on my leg.  This usually feels like an itch.  When I reach down to itch the spot, Alfalfa will nip my hand.  Ouch pig!  Not nice.  Very annoying.

One Bean – Alfalfa has this special skill with bean placement.  He can place one bean in the perfect spot that I will always, always step on it.  Not only that, me makes sure that the bean is just moist enough to stick to the bottom of my foot.  He must have a poop setting that makes the perfect bean.  Simply annoying.

Hay Me – At night Alfalfa likes to spread his hay all over the house.  I clean it up each morning.  He spreads it again the next night.  It is a never ending battle.  To make matters worse, he likes to follow me around the house and sniff at each spot where I pick up hay.  He will make small noises at me as I clean.  It’s like he’s making comments about my cleaning skills.  So annoying.

Commercials – During the holidays there was a car commercial starring Michal Bolton that constantly played on TV.  Alfalfa hated it.  I had to mute the commercial when it started.  If I missed it, he would start wheeking at the TV and doing the angry dance.  Here is an example of a commercial Alfalfa hated:  Now, there were several versions of this commercial.  But this was the only one Alfalfa hated.  Totally annoying.

Follow Me – According to Alfalfa, I’m his ‘cage mate’.  Not a tittle I ever wanted.  But, there you have it.  So, many times when I walk around the house, he likes to follow me around the house.  Sometimes when I stop, he tries to nip the back of my heel.  It’s like he’s telling me, ‘Keep moving, women…’  Horribly annoying.

So, I’ll elaborate on each one of these habits in upcoming blogs.  Stay tuned.  They are funny stories.



  1. Love this, Alfalfa is such an inspiration to mini mischief makers like ourselves. Whee know the hooman is always complaining that hay gets efurrywhere. The DVD player broke because some got into it but whee have no idea how that might have happened *innocent faces*

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Sweet! You guys broke the DVD player. That’s awesome. I wonder if I can break something too! – Alfalfa

  2. I’d love to see a vid of Alfalfa doing his angry dance! 🙂

    • I am trying to get it. He stops when I get the camera. And I never know why or when it’s going to happen. – KA

  3. I never seen behaviour in my pigs like the angry dance and the hissing that you frequently report about Alfalfa. I would love to see a video of it if you happen to be (un)lucky enough to capture it someday.

    • I will try. The angry dance is similar to popcorning. It more jerky and he throws his head up at me. I wish I had a predictor of it. I’d tape him doing it. I don’t want to provoke it. I love the pig too much. – Kerry Anne

  4. Haha, too funny! He sure is an adorable little stinker. And so talented with the bean production!

    I am glad to know my pigs are not alone in their strong musical tastes! All of my girls *hate* Usher and if an Usher song comes on, they all brrrwaggle and complain loudly. On the flip side, they *love* Sara Bareilles. When I sing Sara B. they all come running over to me – even standing on my feet if they are down on floor time. One of my favorite things about them!

    • Brrwaggle? Is that like a rumble strut? My last pig Petey loved the Hamster Dance. That is a funny story. I will expand that one next week. Thanks! – KA

  5. He is boss pig, and you aren’t, lol!

    • Thanks. Rub it in. *sigh* I am going to give up and just let him win. – KA

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