Posted by: kerryannekay | November 28, 2013

Heat Hog

It’s been cold outside here on the East Coast.  In fact it’s gone below freezing several times this week alone.  Brrrrrr…  On top of the freezing temperatures, my room at school is not warm.  I have been spending all day in what feels like sub-zero temperatures.  By the end of the day my entire body aches.  I can feel the cold moving in a taking residence in my aches.  I am literally bone chilling cold.

I have tried everything to warm up at school.  I drink tea, use hand warmers, and even wear several layers of clothing.  Nothing works.  I get home and immediately jump into a steaming hot shower in order to warm up.  However, there are some days that I get home and I can’t do enough to warm up.  A shower, soup, warm clothing, and blankets will not warm me up.  These are the worse days.

"I love heat..." - A

“I love heat…” – A

Alfalfa doesn’t help my cause.  I have baseboard heat at home.  Alfalfa likes to lie under the heater and bake himself.  It’s annoying to see him sprawled out, warm, happy, and in his own personal heat ecstasy.  He’s so bad that he will not move when dinner is placed out.  I have to go over and poke him to get him up.  I have learned that approaching him when I’m still cold will move him away from me.  He doesn’t like having a heat sink near him.

So, the other Friday I came home and saw Alfalfa baking under the heater.  He was sprawled out with his legs flung to the side enjoying himself.  “Dude,” I joked, “you are getting a nasty heat habit.”  Alfalfa picked up his head, yawned, and settled back into the warmth.  “Bratt,” was all I could say as I headed to the shower to warm up.

After soaking in the heavenly heat of the shower, I went about feeding Alfalfa.  I called, “Alfalfa!  It’s dinner time butt-head!”  But of course, there was no response.  What did I expect? Alfalfa was in one of his heat trances.  I walked over to where he was and sat down.  The ambient heat from the baseboard was nice.  “Wow,” I remarked, “it’s nice down here…”  I reached out and pet Alfalfa’s back.  It was hot but not baked as I thought.  In fact, his back helped warm up my hands.

Alfalfa shivered at my touch.  My hands were stealing his heat.  “Sorry dude,” I said.  Then, “Do you mind if I join you?”  Alfalfa yawned.  “I’ll take that as a yes,” I giggled and lay out in front of the heater.  “Oh, this is nice,” I said to Alfalfa.  “Now I know why you spend so much time here.”  I got up and grabbed my pillow quickly returning to the floor, next to the heater.  Alfalfa settled into his spot.  “Good idea,” I said fluffing my pillow and turning to watch television.

The wonderful heat was at my back and Alfalfa was just above my head.  I could hear him quietly singing to himself with contentment.  ‘He is one happy pig,’ I thought.  I too drifted off to sleep…

*2 hours later*

"I love my cozy..." - A

“I love my cozy…” – A

I woke up feeling warm and relaxed.  I had slept like a rock.  I heard the television on in the background.  I opened my eyes and started to stretch then I heard a protest from Alfalfa.  I looked down and saw Alfalfa snuggled up to my stomach.  He was sleeping so peacefully.  I reached down and scratched his head.  His eyes opened, he yawned, shifted position, and snuggled back into my stomach.  He quickly closed his eyes and fell back to sleep.

“Oh, dude,” I whispered, “I love you too…”  I was grateful for the fact it was a Friday and I had nowhere to be on Saturday.  I followed Alfalfa’s queue and too drifted off back to sleep.

*2 hours later*

I started to wake about two hours later.  For some odd reason my nose was itching.  I opened my eyes and saw a black shape.  ‘Huh?’ was all I could think before the shape reached out and bit my nose.  “OUCH!” I yelled popping up from the floor and grabbing my nose.  Alfalfa took off at my yell.  I sat up and rubbed my nose.  “Thnnaaattt wasss nuuut nisssse,” I admonished the empty room while holding my nose.

Our nap was over and so was our time snuggling together. I was happy for the time we had together…although mostly asleep…it was still nice.  Alfalfa came trotting out from under the bed towards me.  I looked down and saw the remote.  “I see you disagree with my channel choice,” I admonished, “and I also see that you have been trying to change the channel…with your teeth…”  I sighed and added a parting, “Bratt!” before getting up.

Alfalfa started doing his hungry dance.  “Dude,” I said with disbelief, “It’s midnight…  You can’t be hungry…”  Then I looked down and saw the crazed dance going on at my feet.  “But then again, you are a guinea pig…”  I grabbed Alfalfa’s bowl and filled it with fresh greens.  I put out the fresh food for him and turned to get ready for bed.  Alfalfa continued to munch away on his food.  ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘at least he was nice to me for a bit…’  I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.  I saw the huge scratch on my nose.  “ALFALFA!”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  We are grateful for you and your support.  Thanks for being the World’s most wonderful fans.  – Kerry Anne and Alfalfa


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