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Our Fuzzy Alarm Clocks

This week’s guest blog is by Stacy Winnick.  She use her guinea pigs to wake up her children.  Awesome.  Could you imagine Alfalfa doing that?  He would make his way down to their toes and start a feast.  Not to mention the bean train he’d leave behind.  Alfalfa is not a morning pig like Fluffy and Ferkel.  Go pigs go! – Kerry Anne

“Our Fuzzy Alarm Clocks”

By:  Stacy Winnick

We are not a family of naturally early risers. When my kids were in elementary school, weekday mornings were agonizing. Both kids ignored their alarm clocks. I found myself running between their rooms, gently shaking each one awake before returning to mine to finish dressing myself for work. The next round of wake-up calls was more rushed, less gentle, and met with increased resistance. Okay, next round, breakfast would be ready, both kids would still be in bed and then the shouting and harassment would begin. And everyone would be hostile and late again.

"Fluffy was named for the guinea pig in a series of children’s books."

“Fluffy was named for the guinea pig in a series of children’s books.”

All of that changed when the guinea pigs were put to work. Fluffy and Ferkel were good little pets and we all enjoyed playing with them, holding them, and feeding them treats. What we didn’t like about them was if you had one out of the cage too long, you would get soaked. Guinea pigs just don’t seem to have very big bladders, and though they will cross their legs for a while, eventually, they just seem to lose interest in holding it. They keep it in just about the same length of time as a snooze alarm.

"Ferkel was named for the white freckle behind his head, and also because we thought it was funny that ferkel is German for piglet!"

“Ferkel was named for the white freckle behind his head, and also
because we thought it was funny that ferkel is German for piglet!”

So, starting when Becky was in 6th grade, and Sam was in 4th grade, I would get the guinea pigs out of their cage each morning and gently place one in each kid’s bed. This was always met with enthusiastic giggles as each child reached out to pull their guinea pig in under the warm covers to snuggle. I would walk away to the sound of each one whispering to their guinea pig, knowing my job was (hopefully) done. As the kids slowly wakened, the horror of having a “stale” guinea pig in their bed would begin to dawn on them. Then I would hear one child, then the other get out of bed, grab their pet and hasten to the cage to put them away. Once the kids were out of bed, getting dressed and fed was easy.

"Fluffy at work."

“Fluffy at work.”

Were there accidents? Of course there were! But the accidents were fewer and fewer as time went on. Isn’t it annoying and disgusting to have to clean that up in the morning? Compared to the aggravation and hollering method, yanking some sheets off a bed to be cleaned up later is actually kind of funny! After all, it wasn’t MY bed! Actually, I kept some waterproof crib protectors and put them between the mattress and bedding, so it was never too bad.

"Ferkel taking a break after a difficult task.."

“Ferkel taking a break after a difficult task..”

Fluffy and Ferkel were our alarm clocks until the kids were well into high school. They changed our morning routine from harassment to hilarity and I think the guinea pigs enjoyed the attention, too! How do you start your morning?

Think you’ve got a good story about pet?  Well, email us here at:   We will review it and post it if its good!  Keep those awesome stories coming! – KA


  1. Cutest alarm clocks ever! (love the pictures)

    • Ha! I’m cute too. Besides they should have bit their toes! – Alfalfa

  2. That is so awesome! Clearly this is the best alarm clock anyone could have – who doesn’t want morning snuggles?

    • I agree. I wish my mom would have woken me up like this. I got one warning. Then I was grounded. :(. Thank you for your comment and support. – Kerry Anne

  3. I also have an issue with mornings. Mostly that they come so early. I am okay at getting up for work during the week, but if we have to get up early on the weekends, my husband usually places a pig on me and runs because he knows that while I would get mad at HIM for waking me up, I can’t be mad at my little Figgle-piggle. 🙂

    • So cute. We are just awesome. Is that pig a sow? Is she cute? Does she have a boar-friend? – Alfalfa

      • Sorry Alfalfa, Fig is a boy, but he is gay. He was widowed by his life partner, Fizz, about a year ago and has been pretty content to be on his own as a confirmed bachelor since then.

      • Man… – Alfalfa

  4. I have a piggie alarm too, but mine isn’t so cuddly. As soon as I hit the snooze on my alarm, my Mango starts wheek-wheeking away until I get up to get her greens. And demanding piggies don’t have snooze buttons!

    • She is one smart pig that has her life in order. She knows what’s what. Is she cute? Could you post a picture? – Alfalfa

  5. This is very cool.

    • She is a great writer and even better mom. – Kerry Anne

  6. Awful, but sounds very effective!
    I’m glad there were mattress protectors – I know all about small animals that leave something special on the bed 😉

    • Naw, smart mom. I got the covers taken away. I would have loved to be woken up like that any morning. Now, Alfalfa just yells at me. Thanks for your comment and support. – Kerry Anne

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