Posted by: kerryannekay | October 23, 2013

Escape Pig by Bec Matheson

Hey, all.  I got home today and got a huge migraine.  I took a nap and I’m feeling better.  But, Alfalfa has not helped as he is wheeking up a storm…  I wanted to publish a blog today but I’m not feeling well enough to use my computer more than a couple of moments at a time.  Luckily have a guest blogger that has stepped up this week.  Thanks for the submissions and keep them coming!


“Escape Pig”

By:  Bec Matheson

Wayne is top pig in the Matheson house. He does what he wants when he wants! He lives with Trunk, who, at only a year old is impressionable and slowly learning cheeky habits from his buddy.  Their cage is about 2 feet off the floor.  I have set up the rest of the floor to be pig friendly. This includes a multi-level hideout that sits up against Wayne & Trunk’s cage.

Wayne has recently discovered that if he pops over the edge of his cage, in just the right spot, he lands on the hideout (3 inch drop). Then, on washing day there are always lovely smelly fleeces up against it.  He uses these to water slide down to the floor!


This week, he managed to teach Trunk the trick too! So, every time I open the cage and clean up the other end, I turn around to see two naughty piggers water sliding down a pile of smelly fleece and pop corning across the floor like they’ve just won lotto!


Think you’ve got a naughty pig story too?  We’d love to hear it.  Email me at: Thanks. – Kerry Anne


  1. That is hilarious! I can just picture it, so cute. Even when they act up, pigs are just too cute to be mad at 🙂

    I hope your migraine clears quickly, KA!

    • I can see it too! Those pigs must be reading what I write about Alfalfa. Thanks for your comment and support. – Kerry Anne

  2. When I had free-rangers, they loved the dirty fleece pile, with a capital L, lol! My Zippy would play king of the pile, and the girls would entertain him by trying to find ways to sneak up and push him off 🙂

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