Posted by: kerryannekay | October 17, 2013

Guest Blogger Wanted

I’ve had several people relay good stories about their naughty guinea pigs.  So, I’ve asked them to write up their stories in their own words.  Think you’ve got a good story too?  Well then, write it up and send it to Alfalfa for review.  If he likes it, it may wind up here!  Send your stories to:  Good luck blogging.

“Screaming Pig”

By Nicola Hurley

“I took my 5 piggies to the vets to get a manicure and pedicure as they are very bold and won’t let me trim their nails. They are very good at the vets and it’s a 10 minute job and when they gets load of TLC from the vets. When I was driving down the motorway to the vets and Pip decided to start screaming and I nearly ended up under a large truck.

We got the nail trimming done at the vets and on my way home, I was waiting to get onto the motorway. It was a sunny day and the windows were open in the car. When stopped at the traffic light and there was a car stopped beside me.
Then all of a sudden Pip decide to start screaming again for no reason. The lady in the other car was looking around to see where the noise was coming from. I tried to tell Pip to be quiet under my breath. Then I told the other lady it was my guinea pig, she look at me as if I was totally mad. Thankfully the lights change and I was gone like a mad woman onto the motorway. All I could do way laugh all the way home.”

Now, that’s one guinea pig Alfalfa is proud to call one of his brother!  Thanks Nicola for the great story. – Kerry Anne


  1. Whee might have to give this a go! Whee have so many naughty moments to choose from! ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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