Posted by: kerryannekay | October 2, 2013

Sharing… Alfalfa Style

A couple of months ago, Alfalfa started hanging out under my desk.  At first he was not a welcome guest.  I thought his intentions were to get closer to my toes…so he could bite them.  I was wrong.  Alfalfa started to snuggle up to my feet.  He even would lie across one or both of my feet.  I love that.  So, I let him hang out under the desk.  Not a big deal…right?

"This is MY area..." - A

“This is MY area…” – A

Next, I saw that Alfalfa was a bit cold some days.  I laid several pieces of fleece on the floor.  Alfalfa seemed to like it.  He would lie in the area under the desk away from my feet.  Not a problem I thought.  As long as I kept my feet away from him, he would leave my toes alone.  I learned not to put my feet near him.  Besides he was happy; I was happy.  It was a win-win situation.  It was a small adjustment…right?

I do spoil Alfalfa a bit.  I thought that adding a cozy would keep him happy and warm…and away from my toes.  Well, Alfalfa began to become more and more possessive of the area.  Any time that I would put my feet anywhere under his desk, he would go after my toes.  I began to learn to not put my feet under the desk when I sat down.  I had to tuck my feet under my chair to ensure my toes were safe.  It worked for a while.  It was a small habit change…right?

Then, I found piles of hay under his desk. Alfalfa was dragging hay from his feeder to the area under his desk. I gave in a bought him a hay hanger.  I thought it would keep the area cleaner.  I also thought he would stay away from my toes.  It was a small sacrifice…right?

Well, fast forward to today.  Alfalfa owns the area under the desk.  I am not allowed to put my feet under the desk when he is there.  He will bite my toes when I do.  Even when I have my feet tucked under my chair, he tries to bite my toes.  I have put on slippers and stuck my feet under his desk.  He ties to pee on them.  ‘Why don’t you just kick him out?’ you’re wondering.  I have tried.  I have ‘cleaned out’ and ‘smelled out’ the area of his markings to no avail.  He just throws a huge temper tantrum.  As you know, his temper tantrums are nothing to mess with.  It’s just a small part of the apartment…right?

"Heater bliss..." - A

“I’m taking a nap here!” -A

So, I sit here today, writing this blog, with my feet tucked under my chair, and Alfalfa waiting to get my toes.  I have lost another area of my house…to a guinea pig.  I can’t complain. It’s all in the name of a happy guinea pig.  After all, if he’s happy, I’m happy…right?

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  1. You spoil him “a bit”? Ha! But c’mon, that cute face deserves to be spoiled, I wouldn’t be able to resist either! Nothing beats a happy piggy face and the way they talk to themselves when they are happy. I think we all understand why you continue to give into him 🙂

    • Oh, my aching toes… Yeah, he’s cute. He’s a pain. And he’s my love. Thank you for your comment and support! – Kerry Anne

  2. He is the biggest character around. Small size does not mean small personality!

    • That is so true! He’s also a good toe biter! Thanks for your comment and support! – Kerry Anne

  3. You are under the impression your apartment is your apartment? I think he thinks otherwise.

    For a little over two years the only safe place for my herd’s boxes was in a line along the side of the bed I wasn’t using. This was fine when it was just two pigs and a queen bed; six pigs in a twin was a bit more interesting.

    I moved on Monday. There is space for all of us. I have NO guinea pigs in my bed. I am not adjusting well.

    • There is only one solution to your problem: rescue some pigs! You sound like a good mom. Pigs need you! Thanks for your comment and support. – Kerry Anne

      • Not sure how many more pigs I need — the six I’ve got keep me busy enough. The only ones I’d be interested in taking on are my sister’s three (terrified of my baby niece), but six is already too much as it is.

        They keep life interesting.

      • I understand. Only have what you can handle. – KA

  4. Oh Alfalfa! Whee have taken up ownership of the spot behind the cage by the radiator. Mummy covers the pipes there and whee snuggle up to them. Any hands trying to shoe us out get the toofies treatment!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Ooohhh, what’s that type of treatment? Does it involve toe bites? Love you guys! – Alfalfa

      • Whee go for fingers. Bite the hand that feeds and all! ^_^

      • Fingers don’t taste as good. – Alfalfa

  5. You are more than a bit spoiled, A 🙂 You really need to stop trying to move Mom out of the apartment, or there won’t be anyone to spoil you 🙂

    • What?!? I don’t want her to move out…just take up less space. It’s only fair to me!!! And I’m not spoiled! – Alfalfa

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