Posted by: kerryannekay | August 15, 2013

The Cable Guy – Part Two – The Arrival

Tuesday arrived and I was forced to get up way too early for a summer day.  My alarm went off and so did Alfalfa.  To him the alarm means:  “Mom’s up.  I’m getting food.  I need to let her know how much I want to be feed.”  Then the ‘I’m going to die of starvation’ noise starts.  I hit the snooze button on the alarm and the beeping stopped.  But, of course, Alfalfa did not.  I heard him dancing next to the bed in anticipation of being fed.

“Oh, geeze,” I said to the celling, “how the hell did I make an appointment for this early?  There has to be a mistake…there is no way I made an appointment…voluntarily this early…no way.”  Alfalfa’s wheeking got more anxious.  “Ok,” I called from the bed, “I’m up…”  I hauled myself out of bed and walked over to the refrigerator.

"This is the face of a terror..." - A

“This is the face of a terror…” – A

Half awake, I grabbed the box of salad mix for Alfalfa and walked over to his bowl.  Empty.  “Dude?” I asked, “How did you eat all of that food?”  Alfalfa huffed and me and did a bit of a popcorn and happy dance.  “Ok,” I said grabbing a handful of salad and placing it in the bowl.  It overflowed the bowl.  It was a super-sized portion.  Alfalfa looked up at me as if to say, ‘Really?  All for me?’  He didn’t ask twice and dove in.  I put the salad down and went to the bathroom to prepare.  I showered and dressed and prepared for my appointment.

At 8:02 am the doorbell rang and again, Alfalfa went off.  “WHEEEK,WHEEK, WHEEK,” he yelled.  “Yeah,” I called from the bathroom, “I heard it…”  Alfalfa continued unfazed by my admonishment.  I answered the door and it was the cable guy.

“Hello, I’m *name* from *name* Company.  I have an appointment on this address,” he informed me.

“Yeah,” I sighed, “And, you’re on time…”

“Thank you,” he said with a bit of pride in his voice.

“That wasn’t a compliment,” I mumbled.

Either he didn’t hear me or ignored me, “May I come in?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.  “Be careful of the guinea pig…”

“Oh, I love pets,” he said as he walked past me.  The moment he entered the house, Alfalfa started to hiss.  The Cable Guy (CG) froze.  “Uhmmmm,” he said, “Do you have a snake?” he asked looking around with a concerned look on his face.

“No,” I said closing the door.  I turned the deadbolt on the door and it made a loud clicking noise.  The cable twitched at the noise.

“What’s that hissing and clicking noise?” he asked nervously.

“That’s my guinea pig, Alfalfa,” I said, “He’s not happy you’re here.  He’s hiding under the bed.  Let’s hope he doesn’t come out…”  I let the last comment hang in the air.

“Whaaaa?” CG asked.

“Here’s the cable box,” I said pointing at the television and box area. CG turned and got to work on my cable problem…and Alfalfa began to strategize on how to torture him…



  1. Hi I’m Savannah! I love your blogs! I have two little baby guinea pigs at home, Spencer and Dusty! Dusty acts a lot like Alfalfa btw!

    • Thank you. I hope your pigs are as spoiled as Alfalfa. As far as attitude, it’s an Abby thing. Thank you for you comment and support. I look forward to hearing from you again. – Kerry Anne

  2. Alfalfa! You have got to get him! Go for it. See if you can make him run, screaming!

    Mwah ha ha ha ha

    Whee mean . . . remember to behave and eat all your noms like a good piggy


    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

    • There are many ways to get him… Ha! Thanks for your comment and support. – Alfalfa

  3. Love reading about Alfalfa and I had never heard anyone else say anything about their pigs hissing before-Annabelle does and Molly Sue looks at her like she has a problem.
    Alfalfa looks adorable in that bow.

    • Well, the bow picture caused me three bites and one other bow. Alfalfa hisses when he’s mad at me or telling people off he doesn’t know off. I’m glad you like the stories. I love writing them. Give your pigs lots of love. They are the best pets in the world! And Alfalfa wants to know if they are single… Thanks for your comment and support. – Kerry Anne

  4. Lol yeah. Dusty ( speaking of the devil XD) loves to bite me. After he bites me he popcorns like ” Yay! I’m so glad mom got what she deserved!

    • Yeah, I get that from Alfalfa. But he likes to do that to my toes. Thanks for your comment and support. – Kerry Anne

    • Sounds like my bratt! – Kerry Anne

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