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Ask Alfalfa 2

I have taken time out of my busy schedule to answer some fan questions.  I think I did a great job with this (better than mom).  So, enjoy! – Alfalfa

Jade:  “Where is your secret butt-wax spot on the wall that mom hasn’t found yet?”

Alfalfa:  “Jade, I’m going to tell you again, rule number one is not to talk about the butt-wax spot.  But, I will confide in you…  It’s not under the bed or on the hallway wall!  HA!”

Debby:  “How much poop does a guinea poop, when a guinea pig poops poop?”

Alfalfa:  “Well, how much wood does a wood chuck-chuck when a wood chuck chucks wood?  I’m just joking with you.  But the true answer is as much as possible.  The more I poop the better!  It’s fun to roll in, to eat, and just to pile up into cool shapes.  I once made a 10 story bean tower!  No seriously.”

Jen:  “What do toes taste like?”

Alfalfa:  “The short answer:  Heaven.  The long answer:  Well, it depends on where my mom has walked.  Most days they taste like carpet or baby powder.  But there are days when she goes outside and then it’s a truly wonderful experience.  There is the usual taste but then there is the sweet note of grass.  Oh, thinking about it now is making my mouth water… ‘MOM!’”

Nicola:  “Will your mother be given a sainthood soon for putting up with a bold little piggie?”

Alfalfa:  “I have no idea what you are talking about.  Most of the time I need to put up with her.  She is slow, un-trainable, and most of all won’t let me bite her toes when I want to…  So, no… she will not win any award or anything.”

Elizabeth:  “Does mom have any cleaning tips? You make a lot of different messes, from butt wax, choco powder and bath salts….how does she keep up with your messes and what products are safe?”

Alfalfa:  “I don’t know…ask her…”

Kerry Anne:  “I’m going to take this one. The big thing is natural products that are pet safe.  Gorgeous Guineas is a great shampoo if you can get it.  Also, when it comes to small areas around the house, like butt-wax, a very diluted bleach solution works well for hard surfaces.  Buy a good vacuum.  When you buy the vacuum, make sure you invest in a warranty.  Here is a good site for some other cleaning tips:

Ginger:  “How’s Rags holding up?”

Alfalfa:  “I think I’m on Rags III or Rags IV.  You don’t want to know more than that…trust me.”

Marla:  “What is a typical Alfalfa day? How do you spend your time when mom is out?”

Alfalfa:  “Eat, sleep, and repeat.  What else is there in life?”

Stephanie:  “Why do GPs LUV to eat plastic bags?”

Alfalfa:  “Mmmmm…plastic bags…”

Jes:  “I would like to know your thoughts on wearing a bow and the pressures of being a public pig.”

Alfalfa:  “Baby, I was born to be a star!  It comes naturally.”

Ghosty:  This “might have already been discussed, but something that I’m curious about – why doesn’t Alfalfa have a friend? Guinea pigs are very social and thrive being with one of their own kind.”

Alfalfa:  “We do!  But I’ve been very mean to fellow guinea pigs when mom put them with me.  Here is the story about that:

Elizabeth:  “Is mom really taking you to get the “snip” this summer?”

Alfalfa:  “Snip what?”

Ok, that’s all the questions that I have time to answer today. I hope that you liked it.  And remember keep the love and admiration for me coming…Alfalfa



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