Posted by: kerryannekay | May 30, 2013

The Story of Lee – Part Two – Guinea Pig Settles In

I’m going to tell you a story about another guinea pig.  His name was Lee.  He was very near and dear to my heart.  This is a very painful story for me to tell.  But, I think it’s something everyone needs to hear.  It is a story that breaks my heart each time I tell it…a story that tears my soul…a story that no one that loves guinea pigs should ever experience…  This is the second part of a three part tale about Lee…

I walked back to my car holding Lee up to my chest.  My yard sale shopping was finished for the day.  I was off to the pet store.  I placed Lee on my lap and he snuggled in again.  I sat and looked down at the silly white fuzz ball on my lap.  “You are so sweet,” I remarked.  He picked up his head, yawned, and stretched out.  “Lazy butt,” I teased as I started the car and drove to my local pet shop.

Of course, Lee stole the show when we got to the store.  Everyone wanted to hold him, pet him, or see him.  He spent more time out of my hands then in them.  Lee did not care.  He seemed made for attention.  At one point in time, I handed Lee to a sales associate in order to grab supplies for my cart.  She began to coo at him.  I heard, “Who’s the cutest guinea pig ever?” and “Oh, stretch out big boy…” and “Kissy, kissy…” coming from behind me.  I giggled a bit at her reaction.

"I'm so embarrassed this blog isn't about me..." - A

“I’m so embarrassed this blog isn’t about me…” – A

As I left the store I had an escort of several people ‘helping’ me carry stuff to my car.  “Thanks,” I said finally having some hand my new pal through the car window.  “We will come back when we need more… Ok?”  I was waved at by my escort as I drove off to home.  “Dude,” I said to Lee patiently sitting in my lap, “You’re going to be famous at this rate…”  He yawned and got comfortable.

When I got home, I set up an awesome home for Lee.  He had an over sized cage, lots of hay, a water bottle, a new pellet bowl, lots of fresh veggies, and a nice hidey-hut.  When I put lee into his new cage, he got excited and began to explore.  The plan was to let him settle in, get his scent on stuff, and then give him a good bath.  I also had to make a vet appointment.  I wanted to get those teeth check out and get a healthy guinea pig check up on him.  However, it was later Saturday and the vet’s office was closed.  So, I added the vet appointment as another point to do list for Monday.  I sat down to watch television.

About an hour after Lee was settled in, I gave him a bath.  He did not like it.  But as guinea pigs will, he survived and didn’t hold too much of a grudge.  Actually, the grudge lasted until I gave him food…

On Monday, Lee was doing fine.  However his teeth were giving him a bit of a problem.  I was glad that I had a vet appointment in three days.  That appointment would reveal some shocking truths about the new guinea pig in my life.  And those truths would lead to my broken heart…


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