Posted by: kerryannekay | December 26, 2012

Merry Holidays and A Short Blog

Right now I’m lost somewhere in New York City. My family and I are wandering aimlessly along the streets. I have spotted no less four large rats. Not the happy kind… Nope these must be a special type of rodent…one designed to scare visitors.
Both my mother and brother are claiming to ‘know’ where we are. Right. My eyes are on the rats. They are everywhere. “I need to sit!” I declare to the group. “Can you please figure out where we are?” My family responds in unison, “We are not lost!!!” “Right,” is all I can reply.
I sit down on the closest bench, open my bag, pull out a warm pretzel, and start to eat. That pretzel is the only sustenance I’ve had in over four hours. I swear its the best this I’ve eaten in days. As I day dream I hear a small squeak to my right. Looking down I spot a small albino rat. It immediately reminds me of my Nibbles.
I let out a small “Oh,” and my family turns. “We are working on it!” I get in return. I ignore my family and turn my attention back to the rat. The rat is now begging by standing up on its hind legs. I can’t resist. I hand a piece of my pretzel to the rat. The rat takes it and gobbles it down.
“Do you want another?” I ask. The rat nods at me. Or he does what looks like a nod. I can’t tell. I hand it another chunk of pretzel. Again, it gobbles it down. I laugh at the cuteness of the rat. Looking at it it’s hard to remember it’s a wild thing.
I hear my family getting ready to go. “Ok I need to go…” I tell the rat. I hand it one more chunk of pretzel. “One for the road…” I say getting up and walking to my family. We start to leave and I turn back to see my new friend. There are a bunch of smaller baby rats feasting on my donated pretzel. Mom is sitting in the middle supervising her babies. She looks up and me. “You’re welcome,” I whisper. “Take care of your babies…” My family and I walk off into the busy New York streets.

Animals know who is good to them. They always find the good people. And in return those good people will never be alone…

Happy Holidays from NYC.



  1. That was so sweet of you to feed the rat. I’m glad you did it. I would have done the same.

    • It looked like a released pet rat. I could not resist! Thank you for your comment support. – Kerry Anne

  2. Sweet. Love it! Happy holidays!

    • Happy holidays to you too! Thank you for your comment support. – Kerry Anne

  3. merry Christmas!!!!

  4. can you spread the word about my blog? thanks.

    • I will. I need to figure out how! – KA

      • send some emails! i will spread the word about your blog!

      • Ok! – KA

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