Posted by: kerryannekay | November 7, 2012

Close the Door!

During hurricane Sandy, Alfalfa and I took refuge at my parent’s house. I was concerned that the hurricane was going to flood out where I lived. I was even more concerned about losing power. My parents have a generator that can sustain the heat, lights, water, and refrigerator. Cooking is propane based so there is no problem there. I have a large room at my parents’ house that is mostly empty. I leave Alfalfa’s second cage setup there. It is very similar to the one at home. This makes the transition between the two setups easier on both of us.

So, when I got home this time, it wasn’t long before Alfalfa started exploring the room. I was lying in my bed watching TV when my mom came in to visit. “Close the door,” I said as she walked into the room.
“Why?” she asked.

Mom took this of me before the 'incident'... - A

Mom took this of me before the ‘incident’… – A

“I don’t want the cats to get the guinea pig,” I said.

“They don’t care about that thing,” she retorted as she sat down on the bed.

“Mom,” I said again, going to get up, “close the door…” As I started to get out of bed, I saw a grey cat run past me and under the bed. “CRAP!” I yelled and jumped up out of the bed.

“What?” my mom said jumping up next to me.

“Bones (a cat), is under the bed… Where is Alfalfa?” I said panicking. I got down on my hands and knees looking for him under the bed. What I saw gave me a heart attack. Alfalfa was on the floor under the bed all the way back to the left side. Bones on the floor under the bed all the way back to the right side. “Bones,” I pleaded, “come here kitty…” The cat didn’t even turn his head to look at me. “Bones, pleeeaaaseee…” I was getting desperate.

My mom got down on her hands and knees next to me. “Bones!” she said in a firm tone. “Get out here!” The cat didn’t move but Alfalfa did. Bones locked onto Alfalfa and crouched down for an attack.

“Quick, move the bed and grab Bones. I’ll grab Alfalfa if he comes this way…” I said trying to think of something to stop the inevitable attack. My mom got up and started around the bed to get into a better position.

It was too late. The cat lunged at Alfalfa. I pushed forward to try and stop it. Bones got to Alfalfa and stopped not sure what to make of the black fuzzy thing in front of him. Alfalfa was chattering his teeth in a warning like a mad man. “BONES!” I yelled. The cat put his paw out to touch Alfalfa in an investigative manner. That was his mistake. Alfalfa defended himself and bit Bones’ paw…hard. The cat squealed and took off past me. I was blocking his path so, he used his claws to motive me too move my leg. “DAMN IT!” I yelled as my mother pulled the bed away from the wall exposing the now furious guinea pig.

“You ok?” she asked me.

“I don’t know… Grab a towel and get Alfalfa… Is Bones gone?”

“Yes,” I heard from across the room. She came back and put the towel over Alfalfa and scooped him up.

“Mom,” I said as she walked away taking words of comfort to the guinea pig.

“What?” she asked between coos of comfort.

“I’m stuck…can you pull me out?” I asked with as much dignity as I could muster. Laughing my mom grabbed my leg and pulled assisting me out of my tight spot. I came out from under the bed covered in dirt, dust, and disturbingly large dust bunnies.

“Well,” my mom remarked looking at me, “at least I don’t need to clean under there for a while… Here.” She handed Alfalfa to me. He was still quite annoyed. “I need to go tend to the cat… He’s the one that got the raw end of this deal…”

“CAT?!” I half asked and half yelled. “You could have given my guinea pig a heart attack.”

“He looks fine to me…” she said walking out of the room.

I yelled back, “It serves him right!” My mother did not acknowledge my last remark. She simply walked out of the room and didn’t close the door on her way out. “Damn it, mom, close the door and keep it closed!”

Bones (left) and Jack (right)… Bones is the problem child… – A

After all was said and done, Bones did get the raw end of the deal. He had a puncture wound on the top and bottom of his right front paw. I was glad to see that he was ok. We monitored it, kept it clean, and applied ointment as needed. Bones will not go near my room at my mom’s house. My mom learned to keep the door shut albeit to keep her cats safe. And I’m glad Alfalfa was not hurt in any way. Normally I don’t drink…at all. That night, I made an exception and fell asleep on my bed holding drink five. Luckily my mom came in and tucked me in ensuring I didn’t spill in bed. I woke up in the morning in a warm bed, with a healthy and happy guinea pig roaming the floor, and with a closed door. Thank goodness for the small things in life.

* Please remember to keep your guinea pigs safe at all times. Some animals do not mix. It’s all ways better to be safe than sorry… *



  1. That grinny pig has the courage of a hamster!
    (my hamsters were all quite megalomanic and had no idea that everyone was biggert han them)

    • Don’t let him hear you say that! He will bite my toes. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. Thanks for your comment and support. – Kerry Anne

  2. Aw, your mom learned that lesson the hard way. She needs to read your blog, lol 🙂 Glad Bones was basically okay, and Alfalfa was none the worse for the ordeal 🙂

    • She did. How dare grams do that to me… Thanks for your comment and support. – Alfalfa

  3. What a relief!! Any other piig might not have come away the victor! Go, Alfalfa!!

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